Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Donaldson Replacement Dust Collector Filters

Apr 6, 2015

Imperial is here for your dust collector needs!

You know the importance of providing quality dust collectors and fume extractors for your employees who operate in the metalwork industry. There are gasses and metal particles flying in the air at all times, and you need to keep your employees as healthy as possible by preventing them from acquiring diseases such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer.

donaldson replacement dust collector filtersIn order to do this, you should be operating a highly efficient Dust Collector System or Fume Extraction System. If you don’t have one or are not satisfied with what you have, Imperial Systems would be more than happy to help you in establishing a new system to clear the air in your building.

Along with operating a highly efficient system, you may be already using the Donaldson replacement dust collector filters. Donaldson has been known for their quality products. Made with nanofiber technology, the Donaldson replacement dust collector filters are made of a very tight-knit surface that is beneficial for your dust collection system in a number of ways, using Nanofiber Technology.

4 Benefits of Nanofiber Technology:

  1. High Efficiency: The average filter takes time to warm up and work best on it’s most efficient level because the surface level becomes more substantial as it collects dust. But a filter built with nanofiber technology does not need any time to warm up because the surface level is already substantial to begin with.
  2. Cleaning is Easy: The tight-knit surface of the nanofiber filters keep the dust from penetrating deep into the filter, allowing for easy clean up to save time and energy.
  3. Long Filter Life:The nanofiber design allows for a single filter to be sufficient for a long period of time, allowing you save money on replacement filters.
  4. Customized Filters: The nanofiber layer can be created in many shapes, sizes and media necessary for a filter to work. In this case, nanofiber filters can be used in any dust collection system in the workplace.

So you may be asking yourself, “Does it get any better than this?” YES! Imperial Systems would like to present to you, DeltaMAXX.

The advantages of DeltaMAXX replacement filters surpasses Donaldson replacement dust collector filters in quality, price and service. They are designed vertically to yield more efficiency as compared to Donaldson’s replacement dust collector filters.

Our DeltaMAXX replacement dust collector filters provide:

  • MERV 15 filtration efficiency
  • Up to twice the filter life with Nanofiber Technology
  • Highest quality pleated media
  • Lower operational mass emissions
  • Reduced dust collector operational costs
  • The Industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Less pulse cleaning

If you want to avoid large price tags and impersonal service that comes with big name companies, give Imperial the chance to serve you. Enjoy Imperial’s quality products, professionalism and friendly customer service.

Contact Imperial Systems today and let us show you what real quality looks like!