Why You Might Not Want To Choose Competing Dust Collector Filters

May 29, 2015

Learn about the importance of dust filtration, and how different technologies create different models of filters.

Why are you looking? Have you become aware of the risks involved with metalworking that lead to dust explosions? Are you seeking a simple replacement? Perhaps you have just become aware of US laws requiring employers to maintain safety through proper equipment including dust collector filters.

competing dust collector filtersCompeting dust collector filters have been touted as one of the top air filtration instruments in the world. Air filters may be simple-looking, but they are complex tools that require constant innovation to maximize their efficiency as other technology changes. Competing dust collector filters are good, but they aren’t as good as you can get. If you want more affordable, with several important innovations on your dust filtration, check out Imperial Systems.

Why do you need air filtration technologies?

It is important to decide where to put your money in the search for an affordable, yet employee-friendly and safe environment. The relevance of the dust collection technologies cannot now be understated. Through the 1990s, a series of dust explosions at different manufacturing locations in the United States alerted officials to the importance of instituting standards for safety. Now, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) administers clear guidelines for these companies to minimize possibilities of accidents or deaths due to working conditions that are unsafe due to accumulation of dust.

Essentially, all you need for a dust explosion to occur is:

  1.      A combustible dust
  2.      Heat
  3.      Oxygen in the air (oxidizer)

If there is enough dispersion of dust particles and confinement of the dust cloud, you are in danger of a fire. For this reason only, you will want to be sure that your dust collector filter is a quality one.

What’s the Difference between Filter Types?

Dust filter types vary according to the materials used to make them. New technologies are used to improve their quality and performance. Dust filters rely on many interrelated functions that must work together in order for them to function properly. Pressure drop and elimination of contaminants are two areas where innovation is often pursued, so you may see differences between these.

Sometimes makers of these dust filter collectors must make decisions regarding whether a new technology will increase efficiency, or for example, be worth increasing efficiency if it produces an equally bad side effect. For example, ionic air cleaners have by-products that are harmful to people’s health.

Making the ideal air filter is challenging, but we believe that at Imperial Systems we are providing the best product on the market. Compared to competing dust collector filters, we offer:

  • Double the filter life in our air filter bags. Our advanced nanofiber technology and MERV 15 filtration efficiency equal higher efficiency and thus lower overall cost for you.
  • Heat-sealed airbag, ensuring containment of fine particles.
  • Welded seam filter bags, protecting from outside dust.
  • Advanced loading technology for better operational efficiency
  • Pleated media, of the highest quality, which guarantees .3 to .5 micron

We do all of this while staying affordable for the average metalworking manufacturer.

If you’re ready for a truly advanced, quality dust collection technology, please contact us. You won’t be disappointed. Imperial Systems at 800-918-3013.

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