Upgrade With These Donaldson Torit Replacement Dust Collector Filters

Oct 8, 2014

In some ways, safety in the shop is very much about consistency.  Every day, you take the same precautions to keep your team and equipment safe.  From putting on protective gear to keeping different tools and materials in their proper places. This sort of regularity is an important aspect of maintaining a safe workplace.  One important element is your dust collection filter; you want to have the confidence to know that each day it is delivering the same clean air you count on. So, when it comes time to order more Donaldson Torit replacement dust collector filters, you may be in the habit of returning to the same source for the same supplies, time after time.

donaldson torit replacement dust collector filtersHave you ever wondered if it might be time for a change?  As important as consistency can be to maintaining safety and order in the shop, there is also room for innovation.  As technology continues to develop, new materials and products are created which can help facilitate a safer and more efficient shop.  When this happens, it is time to break from the habit you have fallen into and discover new and improved ways of achieving the same goals.  And when it comes to industrial dust collection, Imperial Systems is the innovator to watch.  

Upgrade From Donaldson Torit Replacement Dust Collector Filters

You may be accustomed to using the same old Donaldson Torit replacement dust collector filters.  They are well known for their highly efficient nanofiber technology.  This tightly knit surface on the filters creates a high initial efficiency and longer filter life.  Additionally, because the surface layer keeps dust from penetrating through the filter, cleaning is easier as well.  And while Donaldson is well known for supplying all of these benefits in their filters, they are not the only ones on the market.  Imperial Systems has created the DeltaMAXX dust collection cartridge filters which also use this advanced technology, providing the same superior results, and more!

The DeltaMAXX Difference

When you opt for the DeltaMAXX filters instead of Donaldson Torit replacement dust collector filters, your shop benefits from several unique advantages.  DeltaMAXX filters have up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.  Additionally, because of their vertical design, they yield even higher efficiency than Donaldson units.  Not only will you notice the difference in our products themselves, but when you work with Imperial Systems, you will discover that we do business differently.  

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives take the time to get to know you and your company’s needs.  Then, we work with you to find the right equipment at a price that can’t be beat by big name companies.  

Contact us today to experience for yourself the difference of Imperial Systems’ service and products.

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