Turn to Imperial Systems for All Your Duct Work Installation Needs

Sep 24, 2014

Are you just planning out your new duct work and wondering where you are going to find components that fit your specific needs?  Or, are you well into the project and discovering that your initial manufacturer cannot supply the pieces and quality you need?  No matter at what stage you find yourself in your duct work installation project, it is time to turn to Imperial Systems.  Although you may know our company for our standout industrial dust collection systems and products, we initially started out making custom sheet metal duct work for projects like yours.  With our long experience in the field, we can offer hundreds of different components all at a level of quality that has withstood the test of time.duct work installation

Your Partner for Duct Work Installation

When you begin a duct work installation project, it is important that you partner with a business who knows the ins and outs of the trade.  That way, they can do more than just anticipate challenges down the road; they will actually be able to provide solutions.  Only a provider of custom sheet metal duct work will be able meet all of your needs from planning to installation.  Imperial Systems not only provides the expertise you need for your project, but can also do so within the bounds of your budget.

Custom Duct Work

We manufacture hundreds of different sheet metal duct work components.  This variety allows us to provide pieces with the exact specifications you need for your space and application.  For example, our fabricated gore elbows work for most industries and can be fabricated with a radius to suit your needs.  However, if  you anticipate a tougher application, you can go with the heavy duty flat back elbows which are a square constructed elbow typically with a 10 ga. housing and A 1/4″ plate back.  If you are not sure what components would be best for your needs, talk to our service representatives.  Our knowledgeable and friendly team will help you figure out exactly what you need before duct work installation begins.

A Tradition of Excellence

Because Imperial Systems started out doing custom sheet metal duct work installation and manufacturing, we can offer your business the greatest level of experience on your custom project.  You will benefit from our dedication to quality, safety, and value from your first quote to your final inspection.

For more information about Imperial Systems and our custom duct work, please contact us today!