Tips for Welding Fume Control and Protection

Jan 7, 2015

As you probably know, metalworking can be a very challenging and very dangerous job. Exposure to fumes and gas that are produced from welding processes can cause significant health issues. Thus you will want to do all that you can to make sure you will not be exposed to those fumes and gases.

Of course, the type of metalworking as well as the conditions of your workplace and the tools that are used can certainly affect the danger of the job. However, there is always a need to protect yourself from welding fumes.

We’ve put together a quick list of things that are commonly used for welding fume control and protection. If you are welding without these pieces of equipment, it would certainly be in your best interested to get them. Some simple investments are surely worth your health and safety.

Equipment Needed for Welding Fume Control and Protectionwelding fume control

Respirator Masks: Respirators can protect you from inhaling the fumes that are immediately emitted from your welding work. Disposable masks are sufficient for simple welding, but if you are arc welding, you will want to look into more advanced respirators. Like anything else, there are a variety of quality levels when it comes to respirator masks. Finding the needed level of quality for your mask is an essential part of welding fume control.

Welding Helmets: A welding helmet is another obvious piece of equipment that is necessary for welders. Helmets protect your eyes, face, and neck from sparks and burns. Different varieties of helmets are also available. Auto-darkening masks make the welding process easier than standard glass lens helmets do.

Dust and Fume Collector: A dependable dust and fume collection system is the most important piece of equipment needed for welding fume control and safety. Without one, welding fumes and gases will just reside in the atmosphere of your workplace, causing harm to anyone inside of it.

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX Dust Collector System is perfect for your welding fume regulation needs. Our dust collector system that meets all EPA and OSHA Standards provides you with the best cleaning efficiency and longest filter life in the industry. Paired with our DeltaMAXX Cartridge filters, you can be sure that you have a set up that will protect you from the harmful effects of welding fumes. The CMAXX is also a modular collection system, which means that you can have it fit to your needs and your space.

For all of your welding fume collection needs, contact Imperial Systems.