The Alternative to Donaldson Cartridge Filters

Nov 19, 2014

In the metalworking industry, safety is a high priority.  As a manufacturer, you are used to looking for the most effective and efficient solution to every challenge.  So, when it comes to managing dust and fumes generated in your manufacturing processes, you probably have a highly effective cartridge filter dust collection system in place. With this system, you may have been using Donaldson cartridge filters.  These nanofiber filters are well known for their high efficiency.  However, you may also know them for their high cost!  If so, it is time to discover the high efficiency, reasonably priced alternative from Imperial Systems.

Donaldson Cartridge FiltersReplacing Your Donaldson Cartridge Filters

After enjoying the benefits of the nanofiber technology found in Donaldson cartridge filters, you certainly don’t want to downgrade to a less efficient filter.  After all, the longer life and easier cleaning are both important features in filters bearing the heavy weight of metalworking dust and fumes. Additionally, nanofiber filters have a high initial efficiency; where average filters take some time to begin working at its highest efficiency, the nanofiber layer of Donaldson filters ensures that such warmup time is not necessary.  This initial efficiency, as well as the options for customization, make a compelling argument for finding a nanofiber cartridge filter on par with Donaldson units.

DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters

Fortunately, Donaldson cartridge filters are not the only ones manufactured with the outstanding benefits of nanofiber technology.  Imperial Systems has developed the DeltaMAXX cartridge filters which effectively replicate the same features mentioned above by using the same nanofiber technology.  So, you can achieve the same level of efficiency, longevity, and easy cleaning and customization with the DeltaMAXX filters!  However, the benefits of Imperial Systems’ cartridge filters actually go beyond those of Donaldson’s.  Our cartridge filters are build with a vertical design which creates an even higher level of efficiency.  Additionally, you will find that the price of Imperial Systems cartridge filters easily beat those of most Donaldston cartridge filters.  So, when you make the switch, you get better service for your metalworking shop at a lower price!

Imperial Systems

In addition to greater performance at a better price, when you switch to Imperial Systems, you are also switching to some of the greatest customer service available in the industry.  Instead of the impersonal service of big name companies, you will be working with friendly, highly qualified customer service representatives and field crews.  For more information about our products and service, contact us today.

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