Your Source for Custom Metal Work

Dec 10, 2014

If you are in the metalworking business, you know what to look for when seeking custom metal work to outfit your workshop.  In addition to this sharp eye for detail and quality, your standards are also defined by the need to safely manage the dust and fumes inevitable in metal-based manufacturing.  Where are you going to find a supplier who can actually meet the needs of your shop?

When you discover the quality and value of dust collection systems from Imperial Systems, the answer is clear.  This outstanding dust collection equipment manufacturing business is the partner you need to support your metalworking and manufacturing company.

A Long History with Custom Metal Work

custom metal workAlthough Imperial Systems is now one of the top names in dust collection equipment manufacturing for North America, our origins lie with creating custom metal work, with a special focus on sheet metal ductwork.  Back in 2001, that was actually all that we did!  Through this initial specialization, we gained a level of experience you will not find elsewhere.  Because of this, we have continued to take on custom sheet metal duct and fitting jobs, even as our dust collection equipment manufacturing has continued to expand.  Whether the metal work you need is a part of a dust collection system or something else, we can provide the highest quality solution.

Components We Offer

As a part of our custom metal work, we offer hundreds of different components for your duct work.  For light duty applications, you might choose from our lock seam pipes.  More universally, the fabricated gore elbows are used in almost every industry.  For more heavy wear, you might consider our heavy duty flat back elbows.  Additionally, our fully welded pipe is made of a single piece which is rolled and then welded solid with one seam.  Finally, you can choose between the angle iron rings and angle iron quick clamps that you may need.

Imperial Systems

In addition to helping your metalworking business with the custom sheet metal and duct work you need, you can also turn to Imperial Systems for the best of industrial dust and fume collection equipment.  With the longest lasting filters, high performing collection systems, and outstanding customer service, Imperial Systems can be your final stop for the equipment you need to keep your business and your employees safe.

For more information, or to receive a quote for your custom metal work job, contact us today.