Snuff Out Explosions with Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX (In-Line Deflagration Arrester) Filters

Jan 5, 2016

Stop an explosion before it starts!

In the air filtration, dust collection, and fume extraction industry we’re here to provide the metal industry with the top of the line dust collections systems. Our business is really about keeping you, the metalworker, safe! That’s what we do at Imperial Systems, and we never stop innovating and improving our collection systems and filters to ensure that you work in a secure environment.

In-Line-Deflagration-FiltersDust collection systems have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean we stop perfecting our systems. That means we continue to eliminate the dangers that are faced in the metalworking industry. That’s why at Imperial Systems we’ve improved our CMAXX dust collector systems when combined with our DeltaMAXX In-line Deflagration filters.

What Our DeltaMAXX In-line Deflagration Filters Avoid

We work diligently to improve our dust collection systems to avoid what the Occupational Safety & Health Administration identifies as the Dust and Fire Explosion Pentagon. To avoid the explosion pentagon we’ve adhered to  the safety protocols put in place by OSHA and NFPA, but we want to go above and beyond what’s expected.  Our DeltaMAXX (In-line Deflagration filters) are designed to stop a flame front in its tracks. Combined with our CMAXX Dust collection systems the Dust and Fire Explosion Pentagon doesn’t stand a chance.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Backed by third party testing, we had our CMAXX Dust collection system and the IDA DeltaMAXX filters go through test after test after test to see if the In-Line Deflagration filters were able to isolate a deflagration and stop a flame front. Each time the IDA filters did not disappoint. The third party testing showed one hundred percent of the time the flame front being forced through the IDA DeltaMAXX filters with the explosion vent covered.  After the tests were performed there was no sign of any trace of flame or spark transmission downstream from the filters or in the clean air plenum.

Taking the testing further, the CMAXX dust collection system was tested without its explosion venting, to see if it could withstand a deflagration of cornstarch at 185 KST with pressures exceeding 4 PSI.  The results showed the explosion diverting through the DeltaMAXX IDA filter again.  The internal cages of the filters remained in perfect shape and the seals were not deformed or melted.  This proves once again that in combination, our CMAXX dust collection system and our  DeltaMAXX IDA filters avoid the combustible dust hazards of the metalworking industry.

If you’re still looking looking for a solution to your combustible dust hazards, Imperial Systems is your answer! Contact us today at 800.918.3013.

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