Silica Dust Control & Hydraulic Fracturing

OSHA has issued a new rule on silica dust exposure limits. Imperial Systems has the equipment and experience to help you get compliant.

CMAXX dust collector for silica dust collection

CMAXX Dust Collector for silica dust OSHA wants controlled

Silica Dust Control Equipment Recommended:


The CMAXX Silica Dust Filtration System can be customized to fit your dust collection needs. The CMAXX dust collector with DELTAMAXX Cartridge Filters will make most any silica dust application process an easy task. We work with many customers that need custom solutions. The combination of the CMAXX cartridge collector or the BRF baghouse dust collector with the  DeltaMAXX NANO-fiber cartridge filters can help you solve even the most difficult dust problems.


Industries most affected by silica dust, OSHA advises:

  • Construction
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Pottery products
  • Structural clay products

    silica dust on a conveyor

    Silica conveying equipment at a frac site

  • Concrete products
  • Foundries
  • Dental laboratories
  • Paintings and coatings
  • Jewelry production
  • Refractory products
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Cut stone and stone products
  • Abrasive blasting in maritime, construction, and general industry
  • Refractory furnace installation and repair
  • Railroad transportation
  • Oil and gas operations


Check out our equipment on a fracking application:

Frac Sand Dust Collector for silica dust

Dust Pig dust collector installed on a frac sand storage trailer

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