The Professional Dust Control Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Jul 23, 2014

In the manufacturing world, dust management is more than just a preference or pet peeve.  It is an important factor in the safety and efficient of everyone, and everything involved. It is your job to ensure that the system you have in place can keep up.  Ordinary air filters are insufficient to handle the unique weight and quantity of the dust your processes create; you need a professional dust control solution.  When you work with professional dust control experts, you get the real results you need.  So, whether you are looking for an initial installation, an upgrade, or simply new filters, turn to Imperial Systems for the best quality, value, and safety in professional dust control solutions.

Who We Areprofessional dust control solution

For over a decade, Imperial Systems has been providing some of the best dust collection equipment in North America.  We are more than just providers, we are innovators and problem solvers.  We develop superior products, engineered to hold up under the weight and volume of dust from any manufacturing process.   Whether you are looking for a more efficient filter or a whole system that can effectively remove dust and noxious fumes from your shop, our products stand out as the obvious choice.

In addition to an award-winning product line, our customer service also sets Imperial Systems apart from other professional dust control solution providers.  Realizing that those processes, and other needs like size specifications, vary from one customer to the next, we are prepared work with you to customize a solution for your unique situation.  While we are located in the Pittsburgh area, we realize that you might not be!  So, most of our products can be shipped out within 24 hours, so your production doesn’t need to stop to wait on us.  Additionally, our highly trained field crews will help you install, or service, any aspect of our dust collection systems.

Our Professional Dust Control Solutions

We have a wide range of products engineered to provide the most efficient and effective dust removal in your workspace. For the best dust removal on the market, check out the CMAXX Dust Collector System, which has up to twice the typical filter life and still provides increased cleaning power.  Or, if your dust is on a larger scale, such as grain processing, consider the BRF Baghouse Dust Collector which is easy to use and still provides that extended filter life.  In addition to these two, we offer a range of other dust control solutions.
For more information about our other products, or about how we can help your business customize a professional dust control solution, contact us day.