Professional Air Filters: The Difference Your Choice Can Make

Jun 18, 2014

As a manufacturing business, you have already put some serious thought into managing the dust and fumes created by your day-to-day processes.  You probably have an industrial air filtration system in place.  While the system works well, nothing is perfect; you find yourself wondering how it could be improved.  After all, such clean air seems to come at a high price of operational costs and frequent servicing.  Is there a better way?

Changing Your Professional Air Filters

Before you jump to replacing your entire system, however, consider the difference simply changing your filters can make.  Professional air filters, while all working towards the same end of trapping dust and other harmful particulates from the air you would otherwise breathe, do so with varying efficiency.  Simply upgrading to a better filter can make a world of difference in the overall performance of your filtration system.  Check out these three ways the DeltaMAXX professional air filter cartridges outshines competitors and improves your system’s performance.

Three DeltaMAXX Differences

1. Lower Costsprofessional air filters

What if you could significantly lower the overall costs of running your dust collection system without reducing the quality of its work?  It sounds too good to be true, but with the DeltaMAXX professional air filters from Imperial Systems, you can have this and more.  With up to twice the filter life of standard filters, the DeltaMAXX offers significant savings in its longevity.  This is made possible with the industry’s best surface loading technology and nanofiber coating, which keeps dust from becoming embedded in the filter media.

2. Cleaner Air

Quality isn’t lost in the reduced operational costs of the DeltaMAXX professional air filters, though.  In fact, with a MERV 15 filtration efficiency, it offers the best clean in the industry, up to 99.9% efficiency for .3 to .5 micron.  The DeltaMAXX filters are made to fit all makes and models of industrial air filtration systems, too, so you can access this higher quality filtration without replacing the larger unit.

3. Easier Maintenance

Finally, save time as well as money with the easier maintenance of these professional air filters.  First and foremost, their longer filter life means fewer cessations of production for replacement.  And when you do need to order new filters, have confidence that Imperial Systems can typically ship these out within 24 hours.  With more durable design and less pulse cleaning, you can have confidence that these filters are built to last.

For more information about the way DeltaMAXX filter cartridges can change the way your manufacturing business manages dust and fumes, contact us today!