Portable Power For Weld Fume Extraction: THE SHADOW

Dec 28, 2016

If you have welders exposed to smoke from their work, you need some type of portable weld fume extraction to protect them. For some applications, a CMAXXTM is the perfect solution: efficient, reliable, and effective at filtering hazardous dust and fumes from the air.


What if your workplace is too small for a full-sized dust and fume collector, though? Some places don’t have enough welders to require a system as big as a CMAXXTM, while others may not have welding happening all the time, or may need a system that can be moved to wherever the welders are working.


Portable smoke and fume collector are the solution for many of these welding workplaces, but not all portable collectors are created equal. If you’re searching for something to manage your welding smoke, you want a collector specifically designed to filter metal fumes. You also want one designed for safety, ease of use, and durability.



If you’re looking for the lowest-cost portable fume extraction system available, you’ll find one cheaper than the SHADOW. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain. Here’s why:

  1. Many cheap weld fume collectors have a body made entirely of plastic. Considering that they are going to be used very close to hot metal, sparks, and flammable metal fumes, plastic doesn’t seem like a smart (or safe) choice.
  2. Low quality, cheap portable collectors usually come with a low quality filter. When you’re filtering weld fumes, the particles of smoke can be as small as 0.3 microns. That’s why the SHADOWTM is equipped with a filter made of the same DeltaMAXXTM nanofiber material that we use in our larger collectors, over 95% efficient in capturing particles that small. If your filter isn’t catching that smoke, it’s going out into the air in your workplace.
  3. A flimsy design that makes you do extra work might be what you get if you try to go cheap. The SHADOWTM has the easiest filter cleaning and changing of any portable collector, and it’s sturdy enough to handle lots of moving around your shop.
  4. If you’re looking at the general amount of space a collector takes up, the SHADOWTM might look bigger than its cheaper cousins. But look more carefully: in a busy shop, it’s floor space that matters, and the SHADOWTM stands taller so it has a smaller footprint and keeps more of your valuable shop space free.
  5. A weld fume filter system that can’t even suck up weld fumes isn’t worth your money. The SHADOWTM has a small but powerful 1.5HP motor that can efficiently pull air and smoke away from your work area and won’t leave fumes drifting around your welders while they work.
  6. The cheaper portable collector you’re looking at might not be designed specifically for weld smoke and fumes. An “all-purpose” portable filter system that’s designed (and priced) to go into someone’s garage or home workshop may only be good enough to capture general work dust. Weld fumes are much, much smaller, and you need a better filter to handle them.


There are things you want from a portable dust collector. The SHADOWTM is designed for welding and metalworking applications. That’s why it offers so many features designed just for this type of use. It offers you choices of fume arms so you can choose the one that’s the perfect fit. It offers you compressed air pulse cleaning to keep your filter working without you having to think about it. And when it is time to change that filter, there’s no portable collector with an easier filter change-out than the SHADOWTM.


We’d love to get a chance to talk to you about your application and whether the SHADOWTM is right for you.