NFPA Compliant Dust Collection Systems for Your Shop

Nov 26, 2014

In the world of metalworking, sparks may fly.  In fact, in the midst of shaping, grinding, and welding, it is not uncommon.  These sparks are a sign of progress, of products being completed and goals being met.  However, if your shop does not have an NFPA compliant dust collection system, the sign of sparks flying may also be the first sign of danger.

When dust and fumes–natural byproducts of almost any manufacturing process–accumulate, so does the risk of combustion.  Make sure that your workplace and employees are safe with the NFPA compliant dust collection products you need from Imperial Systems.

Metalworking Hazards

nfpa compliant dust collection The health and safety hazards you and your team face in a metalworking shop may vary, depending upon the materials and processes you are using on a given day.  For example, grinding and other similar heavy duty mechanical cleaning can create large, heavy particles that should be quickly captured in a dust collection system to avoid the risks of flammable accumulation.  Other processes may create noxious fumes which could harm those working in the shop.  In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all, it is important to have an NFPA compliant dust collection system that can fit this range of needs.

NFPA Compliant Dust Collection Systems

At Imperial Systems, we understand that in addition to being NFPA compliant, you have other standards for your dust collection systems.  Not only do they need to keep your workplace, employees, and products safe, but they also need to fit into your space, budget and rate of production.  A system that requires regular, complex maintenance will only slow you down, and your unique space may not accommodate the standard NFPA dust compliant dust collection systems and ductwork.

Instead of settling for second best in a matter when safety and efficiency are both high priorities, turn to Imperial Systems instead. Our dust collection systems are fully NFPA compliant and are also some of the most highly efficient systems out there.  For example our CMAXX dust collection systems are designed to ensure a longer filter life, easier cleaning, and the most efficient system available.

At Imperial Systems, we also understand that your shop may not look exactly like ours.  For that reason, we offer fully customized ductwork systems as well.  Our highly qualified representatives will work with you to develop the solutions you need to keep your metalworking business running safely and smoothly.

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