What Makes DeltaMAXX™ the Best Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Feb 16, 2016

Imperial Systems helps you find the best dust and fume collector system for your manufacturing facility.

Every metalworking environment requires a dust collection system to protect the health of on-site workers and the integrity of all machinery and processes.  Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX™ dust collector cartridge filters are designed to maintain highest performance possible, thereby providing the most comprehensive protection for your facility and related business.  Here are some of the DeltaMAXX™ features which make it the best dust collector cartridge filter on the market:

best dust collector cartridge filterEfficiency

Fabric and bag dust collectors tend to decline in efficiency as they fill, often beginning to expel fine dust at only half capacity. The DeltaMAXX™ design creates a multi-stage dust collection process; because there are several filter cartridges in place, they collect more dust and micron particles than other systems even when the initial stage filter is full. This process completely removes the dust before it can hit the clean air chamber, ensuring that no particles are blown back into the work environment. Multi-stage filters also allow equipment to remain running while the filters are changed out, preventing any disruption in air quality.


Single-stage dust collection systems can only be used in limited production scenarios, but DeltaMAXX™ remains the best dust collector cartridge filter by offering a diverse range of applications including pharmaceuticals, food and grain, metalworking and more. With a wide selection of sizes and capabilities, CMAXX™ dust collectors are available as small as portable downdraft benches or as large as foundry operation systems.

Low Maintenance

As other filters fill up, their ability to trap fine particulates diminishes, and cleaning the filter can be a hassle – sometimes requiring up to two hours and two people in dust masks for completion. Conversely, DeltaMAXX™ cartridge dust cartridges are removable, allowing one worker to replace all of the filters at once, a process usually completed in less than one hour.

DeltaMAXX Best Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

The DeltaMAXX™ cartridge filter by Imperial Systems delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air and the greatest cost savings through:

  • The most advanced nanofiber technology on the market
  • Impressive MERV 15 filtration efficiency
  • Extended filter life (up to twice as long as competitors’)
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Reduced operational costs

The DeltaMAXX™ best dust collector cartridge filter is available for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.  

In addition to providing superior products, we also provide some of the best service in the industry.  From expert representatives dedicated to solving your dust collection problems to fast shipping and handling, we help you get what you need to keep your manufacturing processes going smoothly.

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