Maintaining OSHA Dust Control Standards for Carpentry and Metalworking

Aug 29, 2014

If you operate an industrial facility that processes metal, wood, or other materials that generate fine dust particles, you know the health risks involved with prolonged exposure and inhalation of dust. You may also be aware of the standards enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect workers from these health hazards. Due to recurring fires and explosions resulting from dust in industrial settings, OSHA has also created a set of standards designed to prevent combustion resulting from dust in the workplace. In order to protect your employees from occupational hazards such as respiratory issues and explosions, the safest approach is to make sure your facility is OSHA dust control compliant.osha dust control

Dust accumulation in the workplace presents an especially serious risk when all of the right conditions for an explosion are present: oxygen, an enclosed space, dispersion of combustible particles, and formation of a dust cloud. A single spark can ignite this combustible dust, leading to explosions and life threatening conditions for your employees. This may occur in a variety of industrial applications – food, plastic, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and so on – but it can be especially dangerous with wood and metal dust. OSHA dust control standards have been created over the years as companies have realized the importance of risk prevention by taking steps to control the accumulation of dust throughout the workplace.

Going Above and Beyond OSHA Dust Control Requirements

Imperial Systems offers the industry leading dust collection equipment for a wide variety of industrial settings: carpentry, metalworking, agriculture and food processing, plastic, biofuels, fiberglass, and many more. Our dust collectors are not only the best available method of protecting your employees from the hazards of explosion, inhalation, and skin contact with dangerous fumes and particulates; they are also a low maintenance method of reducing costs related to cleaning factory surfaces and repairing damaged equipment.

The following is a short list, by no means comprehensive, of the cost-saving features of our revolutionary dust collection equipment:

  • Vertical Cartridge Design for a longer filter life
  • Energy efficient Pulse Distribution technology
  • Boltless doors to prevent water and air leaks
  • NanoFiber filter technology for easier pulse cleaning
  • Filters with the highest quality pleated media, with .3 to .5 micron filtration
  • Heavy Duty Abort Gates for additional protection against fires

Our systems can be designed to fit almost any industrial setting that requires OSHA dust control measures. If saving space is your concern, or if you only need a partial upgrade to your dust control systems, we can work with you to create a custom dust collection solution for your company.

Contact Imperial Systems today to learn more about how you can meet OSHA dust control standards with ease, while creating a more efficient and safer workplace in the process.