Looking for an Alternative to Competing Cartridge Filters?

Jan 28, 2015

Many people are interested in competing cartridge filters because of the well-known brand name attached to them. Honestly, Camfil Farr is a proven company that offers quality products, but what if you could find dust collector cartridge filters that hold there own against competing cartridge filters or even surpass Camfil Farr replacement filters in regard to quality and efficiency? Wouldn’t that be something you’d be interested in?camfil farr cartridge filters

Here at Imperial Systems, we are making a name for ourselves and our brand because we have matched and surpassed big name brands within the industry such as Donaldson Torit. When it comes to dust collection equipment, we believe we are as good as it gets. And we’re not just convincing ourselves of this. Our customer reviews and proven quality and efficiency ratings have confirmed our position at the top of the list among our competition.

To prove that we’re not all talk, let’s take a look at an example of our reliability and commitment to quality when it comes to our replacements cartridge filters.

Imperial’s Filters Surpass Competing Cartridge Filters

Case studies and customer reviews are a great way to prove the value of our products. The quality of our cartridge filters was tested and proven by our work with the largest fabricator of lead based products in the country.

The company was unhappy with their current cartridge filters. They said their filters were continuously overheating and even breaking apart and melting. The overall poor quality of their current filters prompted them to look into investing in new filters.

After contacting Imperial Systems and deciding on our DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge filters, the company was very pleased with the product they received. So pleased that they have been a returning customer for the past three years.

The customer was very happy with the cartridges themselves, emphasizing the durability and the total costs associated with the product. They were also very pleased with our service, noting that Imperial Systems always gives a fast response and never advertises anything we cannot offer.

This is just one example of our customers that are consistently pleased with the quality of our cartridge filters, which have proven to be more efficient and have a longer life than competing cartridge filters as well as filters offered by many other companies in the industry. When you are in need of quality industrial dust collection systems and products, Imperial Systems has what you want and need.