Industrial Dust Control Service: Avoid Health Hazards

Apr 30, 2014

Of all the reasons to control dust including mess and irritation, the most important is to avoid health concerns. Dust is the culprit behind a variety of diseases, not the least of which are respiratory issues. Not only can your company’s dust emission affect your employees, but also anyone who dwells in close parameters to your workplace. Because of the potential risk, administrations such as OSHA exist to enforce regulations for dust exposure. In order to meet these regulations, you will want to be assisted by an industrial dust control service.

As we’ve discussed, industrial dust control services are a necessity due to the many health risks associated with dust exposure. It is important to recognize the gravity of these risks in order to understand the importance of industrial dust control service for your company. Here are a few of the most prominent issues attributed to dust.

3 Health Risks That Can Be Avoided With Industrial Dust Control Service: dust contol service

1.    Lung Diseases: Those with existing lung concerns are more susceptible to further aggravation from dust exposure. On top of this, those with no known lung issues are also vulnerable to acquiring a number of lung diseases including pneumonia, asthma and emphysema.

2.    Asbestos: Dust that comprises asbestos is particularly harmful. Although many building products used to contain asbestos, it has since been banned because of the discovery of its harmful effects. Asbestos can cause a deadly disease called mesothelioma and can be fatal for some with just limited exposure. Thus, you cannot take the risk that comes with failing to call an industrial dust control service.

3.    Fine Respirable Particulate: Many sorts of manufacturing and combustion processes can emit fine respirable particulate. This particulate has been established as potentially fatal and thus is something that must be eliminated from the air with which anyone would come in contact.

With so many significant health concerns tied to dust, you’re probably on your way to call an industrial dust control service. Look no further than Imperial Systems. Imperial offers top-of-the-line dust control systems and pieces of equipment that boast high efficiency and long lifespans. Our systems can be customized to fit your location and your needs. If you have an existing system, but are looking for upgraded parts such as cartridge filters, Imperial can take care of you. With the highest quality dust control equipment and a commitment to excellence, you can be sure you will avoid any risks with Imperial.