Common Industrial Dust Collection System Problems: Cartridge Filter Failure

Jan 6, 2014

Does checking up on your industrial dust collection system cross your mind daily? Probably not. In fact, it is probably the least of your worries unless, of course, the  dust collector system is running poorly.

Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX Replacement Filters are cost-effective and highly efficient replacement nanofiber dust collector filters. We serve most all brands of industrial dust collectors.

Some common issues that relate to industrial dust collector filters we have come across are:

  • Companies are tired of having to change clogged filters several times a year. Which means the system goes down causing production problems.
  • Not being a top priority of the customer service department as well as dealing with long lead times can be straining to your business relationship.
  • Premature filter failure can cause you to go back to buying from the OEM.

At Imperial Systems we work hard to please all of our customers. Whether you’re purchasing the minimal amount of filters or an abundance of dust collector filters. We expect to hold our relationships intact and give you confidence in our company.

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