Industrial ductwork: Re-Imagined

Mar 18, 2015

What could industrial ductwork look like for your company? We want to share a story about a client just like you.

What should you as a company be looking for in quality industrial ductwork? If you are in the metalworking industry seeking customized ducting for optimal flexibility and durability, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

industrial ductwork

Industrial Ductwork with a Bang

To share about our experience, Imperial Systems has a long history of fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork, currently providing these types:

  • Lock seam pipe
  • Fabricated gore elbows
  • Fully welded pipe
  • Heavy Duty Flat Back elbows
  • Floor sweeps

The variety of parts that go into designing a quality industrial ductwork system show that you can’t just go in and get it done without an appraisal to advise materials. When we started in 2001, Imperial Systems only worked in ductwork and fittings. Now, though we offer many other services, we still consider ourselves experts in this industry. Here’s one story about how we helped a company with serious ductwork challenges.

The Challenge of the Longaberger Company

A globally renowned manufacturer of handcrafted wood baskets and home products such as iron, fabric accessories, and pottery, the Longaberger company chose Imperial Systems for cost effectiveness. The Longaberger company preferred Imperial Systems for its choices in layout, design, and expertise as a manufacturer of every system part.

The Longaberger corporate headquarters building is a shining example of novelty architecture: it’s nationally recognized for being shaped as a basket! But due to economic decline, the company had just sold an old building and was moving across the street into a smaller one. The ductwork in the smaller building was about 10 years old, so it was time for a renovation. The challenge was to do this in a cost-efficient way to make it worth the down-size.

Imperial Systems came in and completed the project in two phases:

  • Transferral

The Imperial Systems crew came in to move the cartridge collector and the BRF into the new location.

  • Installation

The Imperial Systems crew then came in to install the duct and fittings for the new building.

The project was a great success. Not only did the company get what it needed on time, but in such a way that it saved costs by combining the collectors. Here’s what plant manager Berry S. had to say about the experience:

“Imperial did a great job at looking at what our needs were and solving the issues that we had in the past. They helped us move from two big collectors down to one”,

We’re proud to offer the best in the metalwork and ductwork industries. We hope that you will consider our services when you are looking for an excellent and cost-efficient industrial ductwork renovation or replacement. Contact us at  724.662.2801 for a phone consultation.

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