Industrial Cartridge Filters Make All the Difference

May 27, 2014

Four Fast Facts About Industrial Cartridge Filters

If you are working in the manufacturing field, you probably understand the amount of dust that is created on a daily basis.  To deal with this, you may have installed an industrial dust collection system to keep your workspace and employees safe.  However, the heart of your air filtration system is the choice you make of industrial cartridge filters.  It’s time to take a closer look at the difference your choice in filter can make.

1. What Are Industrial Cartridge Filters?

Industrial cartridge filters are one of the central parts of a cartridge dust collection system.  Air from your workspace, (which is filled with tiny dust and particulates) is drawn through the filters.  Tightly woven media stops the particles which are then released into a holding bay, called the hopper, while only cleaner, purified air is released back into the shop.

2. Why Do Filters Matter?

Filtering these impurities out the air is imperative for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, the dust and fumes that are released by many manufacturing processes can become harmful to your employees if breathed in constantly.  To stay within OSHA regulations, you as the employer are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy workspace.  Additionally, the build-up of dust can becomes harmful to your equipment, first slowing down machinery and even potentially damaging it.  Overall, your entire shop is able to function, and continue functioning more safely and effectively when you have an established dust collection system in place.

3. Are All Filters Roughly The Same?

Not all filters are created equally.  For example, the DeltaMAXX Dust Collection Cartridge Filter from Imperial System offers the cleanest air, the longest lifespan, and most efficient filtration on the market.  The DeltaMAXX is even made to fit all makes and models of dust collection cartridge systems, so even your established system can see improved efficiency and operational costs with the addition of a new filter.

4. Does Media Make a Difference?

The media which surrounds your filter makes a big difference in the efficiency and lifespan of the filter.  For example, the DeltaMAXX Filter uses an advanced NanoFiber technology that stops submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media below.  Instead, the dust is more easily pulsed off into the hopper below.  This results in a filter with up to twice the lifespan, as well as the highest MERV rating for efficiency.

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