Industrial Applications for Baghouse Dust Collectors

Jan 10, 2015

Here at Imperial systems, we are perhaps most known for our CMAXX Dust Collection System because it is fitting for so many different industrial applications and is the most efficient system in the industry. You might be pleasantly surprised to know, however, that we also offer a variety of different types of dust collectors including baghouse dust collectors.

Our BRF Baghouse dust collectors are actually quite popular as well. In fact, we recommend baghouse dust collection systems for about half of the most common applications within the industrial workplaces to which we sell dust collection equipment. We have dust collection systems for quite a wide range of applications from metal cutting to grain processing. Quite a few of those applications necessitate the baghouse style dust collectors.baghouse dust collectors

6 Applications That Use Baghouse Dust Collectors:

  1. Grain Dust Collection: We sell baghouse collectors to a variety of industrial workplaces that fit under the grain category including grain elevators, seed production plants, flour mills, bean and seed processing plants, and plants for animal feed and ethanol.
  1. Fiberglass Dust Collection: We recommend either the CMAXX or our BRF Baghouse for this application which includes boat manufacturing, insulating, and automotive manufacturing among other things.
  1. Food Processing: The food processing application also has a number of subcategories including the processing of grain, flour, cereal, sugar, dairy, cocoa, and spices among many other food items. Depending on the type of food processing, we might recommend our CMAXX collector or baghouse dust collectors.
  1. Mining Dust Control: In order to meet the standards of both environmental authorities and occupational health and safety authorities, you will need a baghouse dust collector for your mining processes.
  1. Woodworking Dust Collection: A variety of processes fit under the umbrella of woodworking. Whether you are building cabinets and furniture or milling and manufacturing engineered wood, a baghouse is needed for your protection and safety.
  1. Battery Manufacturing: If you work in a battery manufacturing plant, you are at risk of being exposed to a high level of lead concentration. Stay safe with a baghouse dust collector.

Imperial Systems’ BRF Baghouse Dust Collector can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be relied on for all of them. With hardy seven and ten gauge construction with accurate, sturdy welds, this system is made for dependable functioning. On top of its reliability, we have designed it to be convenient for you. Easy access to maintenance features and an ability to be adaptable to any workspace makes our baghouse as simple as it is effective.