Imperial Systems: Trusted Professional Air Filters Suppliers

Jul 17, 2014

Clean air is essential in your workplace. This is why, when you’re looking for professional air filters suppliers for your industrial company, you want the best you can get. You’re looking for quality equipment from trusted experts, which is exactly what you’ll find from Imperial Systems.

Why Make Imperial Systems Your Professional Air Filters Suppliers?professional air filters suppliers

1.    Nanofiber technology. Imperial System filters are manufactured with the most advanced nanofiber technology, which allows for saving of energy and money. A MERV 15 efficiency rating means that these filter are making the most out of the energy used to run your air filtration system and are also yielding the cleanest air out of any air filter in the industry. Due to their efficiency, they have the longest lasting filter life in the industry, which means less replacements, which means money saved.

2.    Vertical filter design. One thing that separates Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters is their vertical filter design that is a distinctive from the typical horizontal design. The vertical design takes full advantage of the power of gravity, which of course works in a vertical direction. Thus, the entire filter is put to use rather than just a fraction, adding to its efficiency. Additionally, the vertical design uses only one gasket seal point rather than two or three, which greatly reduces chances for leaks.

3.    All-inclusive production. Here at Imperial Systems, we are responsible for our products from concept design to installation. Not only are we professional air filters suppliers, but we are also professional air filters designers. With the entire process of development under our roof, you can be sure that you are receiving dust collection equipment created by experts.

4.    Commitment to your convenience. As a professional air filter supplier, it is important to us to have customer service that is as professional and efficient as our products. From a requested quote to installation, we want your experience with us to be a positive one. It is our job to aid you in running a successful industrial company. We are committed to your safety and convenience.

Our customer can attest to all of these reasons to make Imperial Systems your air filter supplier. With the highest quality products and convenient service, Imperial Systems is the obvious choice. For more information or a free quote, contact us today!