Imperial Systems Provides the Best Solutions for Replacing Bag House Filter Bags

Dec 23, 2015

Don’t fall victim to lower quality bag house replacement filters. Save time and money by choosing the right filters first from Imperial Systems.

Imperial Systems has an excellent track record in replacing bag house filter bags and deep industry experience engineering outstanding, high quality products to keep buyer’s employees and businesses safe from dust collection and air pollution. In an effort to save on cost, businesses need to focus more on dust collectors and filters that are durable, lasting, and effective.

Replacing Bag House Filter BagsIf you’re already in the fortunate and smart position of having your own BRF Baghouse Dust Collector, you know the vast benefits and advantages including:

  • Superior Cleaning System
  • Robust 7 and 10 Gauge Construction
  • Precise, Strong Welds
  • Designed for Reliable Performance
  • Easy, Tool-Free Access
  • Longer Filter Life

When it comes time to start replacing bag house filter bags, trust Imperial Systems to have the know-how and cutting edge products like the DeltaMAXX Filter Bag which delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air, and the greatest cost savings.

What To Look For When You Need to Start Replacing Bag House Filter Bags

Imperial Systems offers DeltaMAXX welded seam replacement filter bags. The distinct advantages of this bag house filter design is that the filters are heat sealed, reducing the risk of fine particles leaking through the needle holes. The welded seam filter bags also eliminate the possibility of damage to the filter bag from abrasive dust which can tear apart the sewing thread at the seam. Our welded seam filter bags are produced via a more cost effective method than sewn seam filter bags, reducing the cost of the bag itself. Sewn seams are available.

Regardless of the nature of your dust collection and air pollution control application, Imperial Systems, Inc. has the answer for all of your filtration needs including replacing bag house filter bags.

The Imperial Systems Difference

Changing out filters with Imperial Systems means having the most technically advanced bag house filters on the market with long-lasting manufacturing standards that both reduce cost over time by lessening your need to constantly replace filters and rank among the very best in efficiency, particularly within the metalworking industry.

Selecting the highest quality filters when replacing bag house filter bags will maximize performance, increase filter life, reduce system downtime and save you money. With so many different types of baghouse filter fabrics and treatments options to choose from, it’s important to know which is the best fit for your specific application.

Our network of Imperial Systems Inc. representatives are all highly trained problem solvers with specialized training in supporting our clients.

If you’d like to request a quote or schedule an assessment  based on your needs for a hardworking, high-quality dust collector filter which is both OSHA and NFPA regulated, get in touch with us today at 724.662.2801 or by finding out more about us.

At Imperial Systems, we look forward to meeting your needs!