Imperial Systems Is The Fume Extraction Company For You

May 29, 2014

You’ve probably noticed that your manufacturing processes generate a large amount of dust, smoke, or fumes in your workplace.  These processes may include:

  • Laser
  • Plasma or metal cutting
  • Welding,
  • Any other sort of cutting or fusing

Fumes from any of these processes that are accumulated in your workplace can be harmful to your employees, your equipment, and even to those who live in close parameters to your factory or plant.fume extraction company

Due to these health and efficiency hazards, you will certainly want to do away with these fumes. This is where a fume extraction company comes into play. “What exactly is fume extraction?” you might ask. Well, it is essentially what the name indicates. Fume extraction is the process by which the fumes that are amassed in your workplace are collected and extricated by a filtration system.

Fume extraction companies can equip you with one of these filtration systems. When you are looking for such a company, you might be wondering where to begin in regard to making the choice of which company to do business with. We suggest you begin with Imperial Systems when you’re looking for a fume extraction company and here are a few reasons why.

3 Reasons Why Imperial Is a Fume Extraction Company You Can Trust

  1.     The Equipment: The CMAXX Systems designed and built by Imperial Systems are above the other competition on the market.The advanced technology that goes into the production of the systems allows for them to have both the longest lasting as well as hardest working filters in the industry. The CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction System boasts 99.9% efficiency and 100% pulse distribution. The high quality cone nozzles are located very close to the filter, which allows for more cleaning power. On top of our high quality systems, we certainly do not skimp on our replacement cartridge filters either. The advanced NanoFiber technology has crowned them with the highest efficiency ratings and longest filter life in the industry.
  2.     The Convenience: Just because our systems are of the highest quality does not mean that they are difficult to run. In fact, running the CMAXX systems is about as easy as it gets. Just wire it in, add compressed air, and push start. The system will come ready to run and will also be easy to replenish due to its tool-free filter access. Our systems also have fan silencers built into them to lessen the noise pollution of the systems.  However, one of the best aspects of Imperial’s service as a fume extraction company is that we offer systems for the extractions of any type of fumes including welding fumes, laser and plasma cutting fumes, and metal cutting fumes. Our systems can also be customized to fit into any location, so you will not have to worry about the availability of our equipment for your workplace.
  3.     Incredible Customer Service: One extra convenience you will observe while working with Imperial Systems is our friendly and efficient customer service. We will work with you from your order to installation and through any additional services that might be needed.

If you are in need of fume extraction services,  look no further than the quality equipment and service from Imperial Systems. Contact us for a quote today!