Imperial Systems Competes with Donaldson Torit Industrial Air Filters

Nov 26, 2014

Donaldson Torit industrial air filters are some of the most popular filters in the industry. Donaldson Torit is a long-established air filtration company that offers industrial air filters that have proven to be efficient and satisfactory for their customers. Here at Imperial Systems, we know that we can hold our own against the bigger name dust collection companies that have been in the business for many more years than we have. In fact, not only do we think we can compete with the top dogs in the industry, but we believe our products surpass those of our fellow companies’ in regard to quality and efficiency.

To prove our claim, let’s compare and contrast our DeltaMAXX industrial cartridge filters with the filters offered by Donaldson Torit. Industrial air filters are a vital piece of a dust collection system, so the comparison between filters is a good way to gauge the quality offered by each company. Let’s take a look at some of the many elements of industrial air filters.

Donaldson Torit Industrial Air Filters VS DeltaMAXX Filters:

Efficiency: Both Donaldson Torit industrial air filters and Imperial’s DeltaMAXX filters boast a MERV 15 efficiency rating. The MERV scale is the ruler by which all filters in the industry are measured. MERV 15 is the highest grade in the industry. So far, the score is tied 1-1.

Filter Life: Donaldson describes their filter life by the word “longer” which is extremely vague and could really mean anything. Imperial’s filters have been proven to have up to twice the filter life of the competition. Imperial takes the lead, 2-1.

Technology: Both companies’ filters are manufactured with the most advanced nanofiber technology. One point for both teams. Imperial holds the lead by one going into the final round.

Acclimatization: You will want to consider whether the filters you buy are going to be able to fit in your existing dust collection system. Donaldson Torit industrial air filters are available for MOST systems while DeltaMAXX filters are made for ALL models of dust collection systems. The point goes to Imperial!

The final score is four to two. Imperial takes the win! We are confident in our products because of the cold hard facts that can back them up when compared to our competition. We hold to a standard of excellence that pays off to the benefit of our customers. Contact Imperial systems for all of your dust collection needs!