Imperial: Your Replacement Cartridge Filters Company

Nov 25, 2014

Imperial Systems is a dust collector system company, but that is not all. Here at Imperial, we specialize in, manufacture, and sell a variety of dust control system parts and accessories, including replacement cartridge filters. Thus, we are a replacement cartridge filters company as well. As such, we offer high quality cartridge filters constructed with the most advanced technology and high performance material, which allow for high efficiency and long filter life.

We can confidently say that our replacement cartridge filters are the best in the business. We are assured in that claim, not only because of the tested and proven performance of our filters, but because of the incredibly positive results for our customers. As a replacement cartridge filters company that is interested in the convenience of our customers, we love hearing stories of the benefits that our filters have given them. Lets take a look at a few examples.

Imperial Systems – Replacement Cartridge Filters Company Case Studiesreplacement cartridge filters company

1. Hard Chrome Polishing Plant: This northern Pennsylvania plant was racking up a ton of manufacturing hours, eighty hours a week to be exact. The filters they had been using from their old replacement cartridge filters company just could not handle all the work without having to be replaced at least three times a year. Once the plant switched to Imperial Systems’ Deltamaxx cartridge filters, they have gone over a year without needing one change. This filter life that is about four times that of their old filters has significantly cut costs and down time in their workplace.

2.  Major Lead Fabrication Products Manufacturer: The largest lead based product manufacturing company in the United States was having a hard time with their cartridge filters. They were getting too hot in the dust collector system and consequently falling apart. In their efforts to find better quality filters, the company began purchasing cartridge filters from Imperial Systems who proved to be the best of all the replacement cartridge filters companies they had dealt with. They were impressed with the durability of our filters and have been returning customers for the past few years.

3.  Texas Community College: The welding Technology program of this north Texas community college was looking for more cost efficient replacement cartridge filters for their existing dust collector system. They went with our DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters and experienced great results in their first semester of use. They had been having problems with smoke emitting from the back of the system, but that problem dissolved once the DeltaMAXX filters were employed. The program was very happy with the results and expressed that their expectations were exceeded.

Imperial Systems’ commitment to excellence applies to everything we put our hands on from our dust collection systems all the way down to our replacement parts such as cartridge filters. If you are looking for superior filters for your system, contact us today!