Imperial Filters Compared to Donaldson Industrial Cartridge Filters

Nov 26, 2014

Donaldson Torit DCE is an established and popular filtration solutions company that has been in business for a century! For the past thirty-five years, the company has offered quality dust collection systems. Although Imperial Systems is a much younger company, we believe our equipment surpasses that of Donaldson Torit DCE in regard to efficiency, safety, and overall quality.

donaldson industrial cartridge filtersIn order to back this claim, lets take a look at a couple of case studies which compare Donaldson industrial cartridge filters with Imperial’s DeltaMAXX dust collection cartridge filters.

Donaldson Industrial Cartridge Filters VS  DeltaMAXX Filters

Donaldson Torit DCE Case Study: A railroad locomotive manufacturer had just installed a new plasma cutter in order to cut thicker steel. The new cutter generated a ton of dust, which proved to be too much for their existing dust collection filters to handle. They decided to switch to Donaldson industrial cartridge filters. The Ultra-Web technology of the Donaldson Torit industrial cartridge filters extended the filter life to eight times that of the filters they had been using.

The company noted that the filters they had been using were needing to be replaced every three to six weeks. This means that the new Donaldson industrial cartridge filters lasted anywhere from about twenty-four to forty-eight weeks.

Imperial Systems Case Study: A northern Pennsylvania chrome polishing plant that manufactured eighty hours a week was having some trouble with their dust collection system. The existing filters were being ruined by an oily coating, causing a need for replacement at least three times per year. The company did not want to be replacing their filters this often, so they switched to Imperial’s DeltaMAXX filters. The result? The company has not had to replace their dust collection filter in over a year!

Therefore, Imperial’s filter lasts over fifty-two weeks in a plant that generates dust for sixteen hours a day while the Donaldson industrial cartridge filter last forty-eight weeks at a maximum. This example exhibits that the DeltaMAXX filter life exceeds that of the Donaldson filter by at least a month (probably more like two to three months). These extra months save your company time, energy, and money!

What we lack in years of experience, we make up for in our top-notch design and manufacturing. It is features like nanofiber technology and vertical cartridge design that set our filters apart from the competition! Our commitment to excellence applies to everything from design, to manufacturing, to installation. For dust collection equipment you can rely on, contact Imperial Systems.

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