Going Beyond OSHA Compliant Dust Collector Filters

Oct 15, 2014

If your business processes wood, metal, or other similar materials, you know what a problem the accumulation of fine dust particles can become.  With health risks unfolding over long exposure and the danger of combustion, it is no wonder that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed standards to protect you and your team from these hazards.

Responding to the Risks

osha compliant dust collector filtersThrough the work of OSHA compliant dust collector filters and systems have become standards at facilities like yours.  These systems draw in the air which is full of tiny particulates.  It is pulled through the tightly woven material of the filters which separate out these particles into the hopper below.  Then, clean air is returned to the shop, having eliminated the risks to individual health and facility wellbeing.

Of course, this system is only as good as the efficiency of the filters, so to be in compliance with OSHA compliant dust collector filters must perform at a certain level.  At Imperial Systems, we understand the importance of these filters as integral parts of your safety systems, and we so we ensure that each and every one is compliant with OSHA’s standards.

More Than OSHA Compliant Dust Collector Filters

Our team at Imperial Systems is all about innovation.  Compliance with OSHA compliant dust collector filters standards is only the starting point for us.  We know that, in addition to safety, your business is also interested in efficiency and value.  We had all of these qualities in mind when creating the DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.  These filters, which are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors, offer the highest efficiency and longest lifespan on the market.  Through advanced NanoFiber and surface loading technology, dust does not become embedded in the filter media; so, filtration is more effective and needs to be cleaned or replaced significantly less often.

Imperial Systems: Who Are We?

The DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are just one of the many outstanding products at Imperial Systems.  For over ten years, Imperial Systems has been a leading manufacturer of industrial dust management products.  In particular, we have specialized in creating custom systems to fit the unique needs of each client, because we believe you should not have to compromise on quality, no matter what the specifications of your space or business are.  Most importantly, with every product, we provide customer service which consistently exceeds expectations.  We build strong relationships with each of our clients through our extensive knowledge and professional attitudes.

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