Get Grain Loading Dust Collectors from the Dust Collection Experts

Jul 10, 2014

Everyone can say that they have experience dealing with dust.  It comes with the territory of nearly everything we do.  In the manufacturing world, and especially when processing organic materials like grains, this ubiquitous problem becomes intensified in a completely new way.  To combat this issue you need grain loading dust collectorsthat can actually handle the unique weight of your processes and products.

Controlling these particulates and dust is more than just a preference; it is imperative part of your procedures.  Effectively collecting dust ensures the safety of your workers and equipment, as well as the surrounding environment.  In the grain processing world, you can’t afford second-best when it comes to grain loading dust collectors.

King of Grain Loading Dust Collectorsgrain loading dust collectors

As you make comparisons of the varions grain loading dust collectors on the market, one stands out for its superior quality, value, and efficiency.  The BRF Baghouse Dust Collector from Imperial Systems is built to last.  With a robust 7 and 10 gauge construction, and strong welds, you can rest assured that this is a system you won’t be replacing anytime soon.  It is designed to accommodate higher dust loads while eliminating danger with explosion-proof electric motors in the clean air plenum.  On top of it’s sturdy build, the BRF Baghouse Dust Collector guarantees a reliably efficient performance, including the longest filter life on the market.  Between filters that last up to twice as long as the market standard, and easy, tool-free access, this dust collector is user friendly from start to finish.

Customize To Fit Your Needs

In addition to standard features, like NFPA approved explosion venting and a direct drive cleaning system, this grain loading dust collector can also be customized to fit the particular needs of your business.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tangential inlets for heavy loading
  • Flanged construction for special installation needs
  • Rotary airlocks ranging in size from 8” to 24”
  • A variety of filter media

Why Imperial Systems

Imperial Systems is a leader in North American dust collection equipment manufacturing, including these grain loading dust collectors.  With the goal of creating products with the utmost quality, safety, and value for your business, we have designed a line of award winning products  and customer service to match.

Most products can be shipped within 24 hours, and if you have a dust related challenge outside of the norm, our customer service representative will work with you to find or design the best possible solution.  From start to finish, Imperial Systems brings together innovation and quality to create the dust collection products you and your business need.

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