Fume Extraction Service At A Glance

Apr 30, 2014

Perhaps you have heard of fume extraction services, but weren’t quite sure what that meant.  Or maybe you are looking for a solution for problems with noxious fumes in your workplace and are hoping that this could be it.  Whatever the case may be, it’s time to clear up any confusion and figure just what fume extraction is and how it could help make your workplace safer, healthier, and more efficient.

What is Fume Extraction? fume extraction service

Whether your manufacturing process includes laser or plasma cutting, welding, or metal cutting, it is likely that the process creates dust, gases, and fumes that are dangerous to breathe.  A fume extraction system is able to remove those noxious fumes and dust from the air, using an advanced filtration system.  The CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System simultaneously collects the dust created by your processes and filters out those harmful gases and fumes.

Why Do I Need Fume Extraction Services?

Fume extraction services like the CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System are vital in manufacturing workplaces that create such harmful byproducts.  First and foremost, doing so protects the health and safety of your employees.  Not only does health and safety legislation require employers to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their workers, but other aspects of the workplace also benefit from fume extraction services. For instance, removing those harmful fumes can increase your production time and reduce the time spent cleaning other equipment.  Overall, fume extraction creates a better working environment, which in turn, benefits everyone involved.

Where Should I Turn?

When it comes to selecting your source for fume extraction services, the choice is clear.  Imperial Systems offers one of the top fume extraction systems on the market.  The CMAXX Fume Extraction Systems offer the highest efficiency and longest lasting filter life, thanks to its advanced technology.  The system even boasts 99.9% efficiency on 0.3 to 0.5 Micron. What’s more, the company’s outstanding customer service ensure that you not only receive a great product, but that your entire experience is satisfying.  Imperial Systems is able to engineer solutions for your company’s unique fume extraction needs, and most products are able to be shipped within 24 hours.  With the combination of the market’s best equipment and such impressive service, Imperial Systems is the clear choice for your fume extraction service needs.

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