Four Surprising Ways Imperial Systems is Changing Industrial Air Filters as You Know Them

Jun 10, 2014

Manufacturing companies like yours know the many challenges that come with the businesses of creating, recycling, and processing. Not least of these is the need to keep workspace air and surfaces free of dust and fumes that could become dangerous to workers and equipment alike. But as you strive to stay within health and safety codes, you’ve probably found that some air filtration systems are almost as much of a hassle as the dust itself.

Four Surprising Ways Imperial Systems is Changing Industrial Air Filters as You Know Them

1. Longer Lasting Industrial Air Filters industrial air filters

Replacing your industrial air filters can be a drain on your business’s time and resources. In addition to the cost of replacement filter, production is likely halted until the new filter is installed.  Instead,  imagine having to go through this process half as often as you do now. Imagine the time–not to mention the money–saved by a longer lasting filter.

The DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters offer this kind of significant savings. Using advanced nanofiber technology, dust particles do not end up embedded in the filter media below, meaning less cleaning and up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.

2. Increased Efficiency

The DeltaMAXX industrial air filters from Imperial Systems also offer the best efficiency in the industry, achieving MERV 15 filtration efficiency. This is made possible through the highest quality pleated media, which offers 99.9% efficiency on .3 to .5 micron. A higher efficiency filter means more than simply cleaner air; it also means an extended filter life and lower operational costs.

3. Ease of Use

These industrial air filters are designed to to be user-friendly. Dust easily pulses off the NanoFiber covering because it resists becoming embedded in the media, so cleaning does not need to happen as often as on standard filters. Furthermore, because they are designed for all makes and models of cartridge dust collection systems, you can upgrade your filtration without changing out your existing system. These filters can typically be shipped out within 24 hours, so production need not be held up in the interim.

4. Quality Customer Service

In addition to quick shipping, the customer service with Imperial Systems stands out for its dedication to quality, value, and safety. Whether you are simply searching for replacement industrial air filters, or seeking to upgrade your entire system, they will work with you to find the best solution for the particular needs of your business. Even after you have found just the right product, you are not left on your own; Imperial Systems’ field crews are trained to service and install air filtration systems all over the US and Canada. Call us for quick, professional and affordable service!