Eliminating Fumes And Dust from Your Metalworking Facility

Mar 3, 2016

Imperial Systems helps you find the best dust collector system for your manufacturing facility.

Any process that involves generating or handling particulate matter requires fume and dust control for the health of its workers and overall building safety. Woodworking, painting, grain handling, and metalworking are just a few of the applications for which such control is most critical.  Imperial Systems dust collectors and filters are the best line of defense in ensuring the air quality and safety of your facility.

fumes and dustThe CMAXX™ dust collector and DeltaMAXX™ cartridge filters, together, can prevent particulates from mixing, cutting, grinding, etc., from settling on surfaces that are a considerable distance away. Dust on equipment, furniture, machines, windows, and floors becomes a perpetual burden on cleaning and maintenance resources. Ultimately, uncontrolled fumes and dust can contaminate the very products you are manufacturing and distributing.

Not only a nuisance and a contaminant, fumes and dust in your facility can quickly become a significant safety hazard.  A high enough concentration of either one within an enclosed space can become flammable or explosive.  The non-combustible variety, more slowly but equally detrimental, can create an ongoing health hazard to on-site workers in the form of skin, eye, or bronchial irritation, asthma inflammation, and long term health issues.

Flammable dust particles require an dust collection system that can be relied on.  For this reason, Imperial Systems had our CMAXX™ dust collection system and the IDA (In-Line Deflagration Arrester) DeltaMAXX™ filters tested repeatedly by a third party to ensure that the In-Line Deflagration Arrester filters were able to isolate a deflagration and stop a flame front. One hundred percent of the time, the flame front was forced through the IDA DeltaMAXX™ filters and eliminated successfully.  After all testing was completed, there remained no trace of flame or spark transmission downstream from the filters or in the clean air plenum.

Let us protect your staff and facility with the same safeguards and reliability.  If your facility is at risk from hazardous fumes and dust, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013 for dust collectors and filters that will fumes and dust before it endangers your business.