Reliable, Durable, and Effective Dust Control Solutions from Imperial Systems

Feb 17, 2016

If you’re seeking quality dust control solutions for your metalworking needs, look no further than Imperial Systems!

Continuing customers rely on Imperial Systems when quality is of the utmost importance because they know Imperial engineers outstanding, high quality products to keep buyer’s employees and businesses safe from dust collection and air pollution in the metalworking industry. You’ve done the research and now it’s time to invest in the innovative and distinct advantages of buying dust control solutions from Imperial Systems for dust mitigation.

dust-control-solutionsAn effective and reliable CMAXX™ Dust Collection System along with DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filters is the powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and the need to have a clean, pollution and particulate-free working environment. When time, money, and safety is on the line, Imperial Systems is there to offer dust control solutions that work for your business. Below, we’ll discuss both the CMAXX™ System as well as the DeltaMAXX™ filters.

Dust Control Solutions That Make an Impact in the Metalworking Industry

The CMAXX™ Dust Collector System is among the best dust control solutions on the market.  With a vertical cartridge filter design and advanced, nanofiber technology, this system offers a much longer filter life than that of other dust control solutions.

If you want the advantage of safety and savings in a highly efficient dust control solution then  the CMAXX™ Dust Collection System offered by Imperial Systems is the right choice.

  • Tool-free, Heavy Duty Filter Door – Less Service Time
  • Modular Design – No External Bolts on Dirty Air Plenum – Less Chance for Water and Air Leaks
  • Heavy Duty 7 & 10 Gauge Construction; Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Air Pressure Gauge on Compressed Air Manifold
  • High Efficiency – Cleaner Plant Air
  • PD Technology – Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Factory Assembled Air Header and Top Section – In Most Cases, Hopper and Legs Ship Disassembled
  • No Internal Frame on Dirty Air Plenum – Fewer Internal Ledges for Material to Build Up

Paired with the DeltaMAXX™ Filters, the dust control solutions from Imperial Systems can only be improved and made more effective.

The Advantages of a DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collection Filters

  • Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Most Advanced NanoFiber Technology
  • Superior Rating: MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency
  • Reduced Dust Collector Operational Costs
  • Lower Operational Mass Emissions
  • Less Pulse Cleaning
  • Highest Quality Pleated Media – 99.9% Efficiency .3 to .5 Micron

It’s a characteristic of successful companies to invest in quality early to reduce costs down the road. In no industry is this more true than metalworking, where the risk of purchasing low quality dust control solutions can have grave consequences.

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