Don’t Risk Your Business – Use Imperial Systems As Your Industrial Fume Extraction Company

May 12, 2015

Learn how to stop risking the health of your customers and the assets of your company, with Imperial Systems.

The importance in the standards of health and safety in the food processing industry are critical. If not taken seriously, obeying all rules and regulations, you could turn up with a tainted product that hurts someone costing them their health (or their life) and costing you a lot of money in court.

industrial fume extraction companyImperial Systems understands the importance of producing a quality food product with health and safety in mind. This is why they are the #1 choice as your industrial fume extraction company.

Why Do I Need An Industrial Fume Extraction Company?

In your processing plant there are particulates in the air that may cross contaminate your food. This may not sound too worrisome, but food is not the only thing floating around your processing plant. There is dust, debris, mold, and gasses to name a few. You also hold the risk if you produce something with peanuts, and others without, the peanut may somehow make it’s way into your non-peanut product, causing someone with an allergic reaction to eat it and risking their health because of the steps not taken to create a safe working environment.

Not only that, it helps keep your employees safe from inhaling the many harmful particulates and gasses in the air.

What Does A Fume Extractor Do?

A fume extractor takes all of the particulates and gasses in the air, and pulls it into itself to create a safe, dust and combustion free environment for your employees and customers. Our CMAXX Fume Extractor is a top of the line fume extraction system with features like:

  • Easy to install and use, prewired in the factory. When it comes to your processing plant, all you do is plug it in and push the button to turn it on.
  • Tool-free filter access and change out.
  • Premium reverse air cleaning system.
  • Can custom fit into virtually any location.
  • 3/16” plate with 10 gauge carbon steel construction.
  • 1400 sq. feet of filter media with DeltaMaxx fire retardant filters.
  • A pre-wired and pre-plumbed control panel with motor starter.
  • Fan silencer.
  • Optional integrated HEPA after filter.

If you have a fume extraction system that runs to your standard, you should consider the other products Imperial System can deliver. For an industrial fume extraction company, we carry a wide range of products to fit your company’s needs.

Our DeltaMAXX cartridge filter replacements are a great alternative to the ones you are currently using with your dust collectors. Deltamaxx provides you with:

  • The highly-advanced Nanofiber Technology
  • The highest quality pleated media
  • 99.9% Efficiency on 0.3 to 0.5 micron

Deltamaxx cartridge filters can fit in virtually any dust collector and fume extraction system.

Why go anywhere else for your air quality and safety needs? Give Imperial Systems a call at 1-724-662-2801 or fill out this online form, and let us be the industrial fume extraction company you can turn to!