Don’t Miss This Unbeatable Industrial Fume Extraction Solution

Apr 30, 2015

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX fume extraction system may just be the industrial fume extraction solution you’re looking for.

As a metalworker, you have probably already noticed the problems that can be caused by the constant presence of fumes while you are working.  Not only are the noxious fumes unpleasant, but they also pose a major risk to the the health of your employees.  With both concern for your workers and compliance with OSHA and NFPA standards in mind, you need an industrial fume extraction solution that can address the unique needs of your shop.

As you consider your options, be sure you don’t miss out on the CMAXX Fume Extraction System from Imperial Systems.  This uniquely designed systems offers high efficiency performance while being incredibly easy to use, a competitive combination in today’s market.

High Efficiency Performance

industrial fume extraction solutionThere’s no doubt that your first priority when it comes to an industrial fume extraction solution is its efficiency.  You need something that can get the job done without wasting time or energy.  The CMAXX Fume Extraction System can do all this and more.  With 100% total pulse distribution across the filter media, there is no dead zone from negative pressure that other systems have. Additionally, with up to 40% more cleaning power than the industry standard, you will benefit from up to twice the filter life.

In fact, the CMAXX system is designed for use with our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters, which deliver the longest filter life, cleanest air, and the greatest cost savings on the market. These filters incorporate the latest nanofiber technology, offering you a MERV 15 filtration efficiency, less pulse cleaning, and great surface loading technology. Together, Imperial Systems’ filters and extraction systems are designed to offer you the highest level of fume extraction efficiency on the market.

Unparalleled Usability

Of course, when it comes to actually selecting the industrial fume extraction solution for your shop, usability is also an important question to consider. After all, efficiency is lost if your employees have to spend countless hours setting up and maintaining a difficult system.

To respond to these concerns, the CMAXX Fume Extraction System comes completely wired from the factory, so you simply have to plug it in and push start when you receive it! Additionally, with tool-free filter access and filter change out, you won’t waste any time on the maintenance process.

Does This Sound Like The Industrial Fume Extraction Solution You Need?

Does this combination of usability and efficiency sound like something your metalworking business is looking for?  If so, find out more about our fume extraction system today by calling us at 800.918.3013.