DeltaMAXX Filters Provides Increased Efficiency With Their Surface Loading Performance

Dec 15, 2015

Increased Efficiency Gives You Increased Safety!

At an Iron Powder Facility in Gallatin, Tennessee, five people lost their lives, and three others were injured.   According to the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, this occurred in three separate instances all within the same year. Their investigation into these unfortunate incidents uncovered many safety hazards, such as accumulation of combustible iron powder on flat surfaces, outdated or non-existent dust collection systems, and a lack of instituting proper safety training  procedures for employees.

surface loading performanceTragic incidents like these force us to recognize the dangers that are faced in the metalworking industry.  Imperial Systems recognizes the safety hazards metalworkers encounter, and that’s why we have some of the best dust collection systems in North America. But our dust collectors couldn’t be as highly efficient without our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.  Our DeltaMAXX Nanofiber cartridge filters have a surface loading performance technology that easily pulses off caked dust keeping the filter media clean.

Surface Loading Performance Matters

If the surface loading performance is lacking in efficiency the system will have to pulse more often in order to return and maintain its optimum static pressure. The efficiency of the surface loading can affect emissions, cost of energy, and filter life. The surface loading matters and this is why.

  • Use of Compressed air  – The ease of removing particulate matter from filters means less use of compressed air. Compressed air being one of the most expensive uses for a manufacturing or metalworking plant.
  • Twice the Filter Life  – Efficient surface loadings means less buildup in and on the filter and fewer pulses. This leads to a longer filter life and fewer filter replacements.
  • Fewer Emissions – Less pulses means reduced emissions. Reduced emissions helps with safety hazards.

The Surface Loading Benefits of DeltaMAXX Nanofiber Cartridge Filters

At Imperial Systems, we put a high price on safety but not our DeltaMAXX Nanofiber cartridge filters. Here are some our surface loading benefits of our filters:

  • Our filters can reduce the operational cost of your dust collector.
  • The Nanofiber technology is 50% smaller than competitive fibers. Giving it the ability to block the submicron particles from entering and embedding itself in the filter media.
  • Because the dust remains on the surface it is easily pulsed off requiring less pulse cleaning and a longer filter life.
  • 99% Efficiency .3 – .5 Micron which means it has the highest quality pleated media.
  • Our filters have an impressive filtration efficiency with a MERV 15 rating!
  • Our surface loading performance technology allows for a longer filter life an enhanced dust cake release.

When you think safety we want you to think Imperial Systems. Contact us today at 800.918.3013 to get more information on our DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters.