The Cornerstone of Industrial Fume Control

Jan 21, 2015

Discover why an industrial fume control system from Imperial Systems is a must-have for metalworkers like you!

There are few manufacturing fields that come without their own dangers, but metalworking may carry a few more than others.  High volumes of welding can result in a number of health and safety risks, from welding fume fever to the dangers of combustion.  However, with proper safety precautions and industrial fume control systems, you can avoid these dangers and run a safe and healthy workplace.  At Imperial Systems, we understand the vital necessity of effective industrial dust and fume collection.

Combating the Dangers of Metalworking Fumes

Industrial Fume ControlYou are probably already taking some important precautions when it comes to the fumes created by metalworking processes like welding.  Respirator masks are a must in anyone doing welding work, as they prevent the welder from inhaling the fumes immediately emitted by their work.  Depending on the type of welding being done, different levels of quality are required of the masks.  Check your shop to make sure that you have sufficient respirator masks for each type of welding you use.

Add Industrial Fume Control Systems

Although respirator masks provide immediate protection from the fumes created by welding and other metalworking processes, they do not stop fumes from spreading throughout the workspace.  Additional industrial fume control is needed.  And industrial fume collection system can filter the air, extracting fumes that pose health and safety hazards before returning safe and clean air to the shop.  Although there are a number of options out there for such systems, it is important to look for one that is both efficient and also provides the protection called for in OSHA and other safety standards.

CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector

The CMAXX dust and fume collection system has both the efficiency and protection you need to keep your shop safe from fumes as well as dust created in other processes. Not only do they meet all of the EPA and OSHA standards for such systems, but they also offer the highest efficiency and longest filter life in the industry.  This system can be fitted to your unique space and specifications and then provides the protection you need to keep your employees, equipment, and workspace safe.

Imperial Systems

In addition to top-of-the-line dust and fume collection systems, Imperial Systems can also supply your business with the other necessary implements to keep your shop dust and fume free.  From custom sheet metal ductwork to the longest lasting cartridge filters on the market, we pride ourselves in creating products with the quality, safety, and value you deserve.

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