Commercial Ductwork From Imperial Systems

Sep 17, 2014

Although commercial ductwork may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Imperial Systems (given that we are most well known for our dust collector systems), it is certainly an area of our expertise. You might be surprised to find out that Imperial Systems actually began as custom ductwork company over a decade ago. Therefore, commercial ductwork is actually the area in which we have the longest time of experience.commercial ductwork

Industrial Ductwork can be fabricated for a wide variety of areas and atmospheres. Here at Imperial Systems, we create multiple forms of duct pipe and elbows to fit the needs of our commercial clients. Take a look at a few varieties of our ductwork parts.

Commercial Ductwork Parts: Pipe and Elbows


  •  Lock Seam Pipe: This is our light duty pipe that is fitting for workplaces in which abrasion is not an issue. The sheet metal thickness runs from 20 to 24 gauge.
  •  Fully Welded Pipe: This is our heavy duty pipe that is all one piece with one seam.  The metal thickness runs from 16 gauge to 3/8” plate.


  • Fabricated Gore Elbows: This is our most popular elbow because it can be customized to be fitting for any industry. The radius of the elbow and the thickness of the metal can be tailored to the appropriate sizes depending on abrasion, or the type of material handled in the workplace.
  • Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows: If your workplace works with rough applications, these are the elbows you need. Our heavy duty flat back elbows are manufactured to handle substantial abrasion. With a variety of types of metal, metal thicknesses, and back plate options, you can have these elbows tailored to your liking.

Imperial’s ductwork will not disappoint. Just ask our friends at the Longaberger Company. This past year, Imperial Systems was completely responsible for replacing the company’s old ductwork with new ducts that would allow for increasing industrial efficiency and decreasing overall costs. The company’s management was very pleased with our work and explained that Imperial had solved the issues they had been experiencing.

We take as much pride in our commercial ductwork as we do in our dust control equipment because we develop and manufacture our ductwork with the same amount of effort and expertise. If you are in need of ductwork, contact Imperial Systems for the quality and efficiency you expect from experts!