The Clear Professional Fume Extraction Solution

Jun 3, 2014

If you are a manufacturing business searching for a way to eliminate noxious fumes and gases created in processing, welding, recycling, or other operations, it’s time to establish a professional fume extraction solution.  However, with a variety of options on the market, you likely have questions about fume extraction systems and how to choose the right one for your business.

Why Do I Need Fume Extraction?professional fume extraction solution

Dangerous fumes and gases are often created in industrial manufacturing processes.  Instead of letting this accumulate in your workspace, causing potential hazards to employees and equipment, a fume extraction system can provide safe, clean air that is easier to breathe and falls within legislated safe working environment standards.  Additionally, removing dust and fumes early on can help to cut down on product contamination and unnecessary downtime in production.

How Does a Fume Extraction System Work?

A fume extraction system removes noxious dust, gases, and fumes from the air you would otherwise be breathing.  With an advanced filtration system, it draws in shop air, running it through a tightly woven filter media that traps the impurities before releasing cleaner, safer air.

What’s My Best Option?

One of the best professional fume extraction solutions on the market is the CMAXX Laser and Plasma fume extraction system.  With the best cleaning efficiency and longest filter life in the industry, this system stands out for its outstanding service at a sustainable price. It achieves this efficiency with its 100% total pulse distribution across an advanced NanoFiber filter.

Is It Difficult to Use?

The CMAXX Fume extraction system is straightforward to use.  It comes pre-wired and ready to run.  You don’t need tools to access to change the filter.  Instead, just wire, add compressed air, and press start to begin transforming your workspace atmosphere.

Who Can I Trust for a Professional Fume Extraction Solution?

In addition to offering one of the best professional fume extraction solutions on the market, Imperial Systems stands out for offering more than just a system.  Instead, they provide the chance to create a personalized solution based on the actual needs of your business, instead of a one-size-fits-all product.  Once they have a professional fume extraction solution designed, Imperial Systems’ field crews will help with installation and maintenance, making sure that their system leaves you breathing easier from start to finish.

More Questions?

If you have further questions about a professional fume extraction solution or the CMAXX system, contact Imperial Systems today.