The Basic Components of Dust Control Technology

Jun 25, 2014

Dust control technology is an essential part of any manufacturing facility that works with metal, chemicals, wood, or any other material that generates fine particulates and dangerous fumes. Not only do dust collection systems bring you significant savings in money and time that you would otherwise spend on cleaning and maintaining your machinery, but they also help in your efforts to ensure a safe environment for your employees as well as your neighbors. Fortunately for everyone in our communities, dust control technology is steadily improving the way in which we keep our air and water safe from materials that cause serious health problems and damage to the environment.dust control technology

At Imperial Systems, we stress the importance of a strong, comprehensive approach to maintaining a workplace safe from harmful fumes and dust particles. While we understand that not every business is prepared to replace existing systems with the latest and best dust control equipment, we work with our customers to maximize the efficiency of current systems. In order to make the most of any system, new or old, it is important to understand the basic components of dust control technology, so you can be sure your facility has everything it needs to keep your employees safe.

Dust Control Technology: The Cutting Edge of Industrial Safety

  • The CMAXX Dust Collector System saves both energy and space with its vertical cartridge design and Pulse Distribution (PD) technology, extending the life of your cartridge filters up to twice as long as other systems. Its slanted inlet design and lack of external bolts helps to prevent water and air from leaking or building up on the bolts.
  • DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters, along with DeltaMAXX Filter Bags and Cartridge Filter Overbags, are designed with NanoFiber technology to capture fine particulates and facilitate the easy pulsing off of dust with your system’s built-in cleaning functions. Even if you do not have a CMAXX system, we have cartridge filters that can fit any existing system, so you can capture the most dust in the most efficient way possible.
  • Heavy Duty Abort Gates are used in a variety of industrial applications for detecting leaks or sparks in your ducts. If a burning ember or flame is detected, the gate will prevent it from entering the dust collector system. When a leak is detected in one of your filter bags, the abort gate will redirect the flow of air toward a safe location.

Other crucial components of good dust control systems include:

  • Airlocks
  • Slidegates
  • Various duct components
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Diverter Valves

Every company has a unique set of needs for their dust control technology, so we encourage you to contact us for a quote. We look forward to helping you determine what you need to optimize or upgrade your current dust collection systems in order to provide a cleaner and safer environment for your employees and your community.