Air Duct Dust Collection Systems for Food Processing

Dec 12, 2014

Health and safety is a priority for any company, no matter what industrial processes take place within the facilities. However, the importance of health and safety is elevated within food processing companies because the distribution of contaminated food is bad news. A big part of keeping healthy conditions within a food processing workplace is a trusty air duct dust collection system.

Dust collection should not be an afterthought within your food processing company. It is of utmost importance for you to have a functional and effective dust collection system with durable air duct work. After all, your system is only as good as the air ducts connected to it. If your workplace is due for a new system, here are some guidelines for the process of finding the best one for you.air duct

Finding the Right Air Duct Dust Collection System:

Ask questions. There are a number of questions you will want to be asking yourself about your dust collection situation. For instance, what kind of dust builds up in my workplace? Is it wet, fibrous, rough, or even combustible? Do I want the dust returning to the processing or do I want it discarded? What kind of codes and standards do I need to be meeting with my dust collection system? What exact processes are generating dust?

There are also questions you will want to be asking about your current dust collector and air duct work in order to better gauge what you are looking for in new equipment. For example, what are the areas in which dust is being inadequately collected? Are there any areas in which hazards are potentially imminent? Can I sufficiently fix my current system or is it time to invest in a new one?

Look for signs of a quality system. A quality system will be one that works for your convenience. Thus, you will be looking for efficiency in terms of time, energy, and even space. The newest and most advanced systems are quite compact and designed for optimal functionality. This functionality includes easy access for filter replacement. Filter replacement, by the way, should be much few and far between with the most quality filters. New technology such as nanofiber filter media allows for much longer filter life, which is better for your system and your wallet.

Imperial systems offers advanced, quality dust collection systems that are proven to get the job done. We recommend our CMAXX dust collector for the food processing industry. With the newest technology and highest efficiency ratings, Imperial’s products are sure to fulfill your dust collection needs.