A Product Better than Donald Torit Cartridge Filters

Jun 25, 2015

What’s the Imperial Systems difference?

Cartridge filters should be efficient and cost-effective for mist, fume, and dust collection processes. Donaldson Torit cartridge filters claims to set the standard for cartridge filter technology, but you can find cartridge filters with equal and even better performance.

Donald Torit Cartridge Filters

What makes the difference?

One distinguishing factor is nanofiber filtration technology. Nanofiber tends to provide the most efficient, cost-effective choice. Our nanofiber technology and MERVE 15 filtration efficiency mean reliable dust filtration that won’t leak.

When you’re making decisions about which dust collector to buy, the little things are what make one product better than another: namely, materials, and development processes that make the product what it is. Dust filters have a number of interrelated functions, which have to do with the various processes required to filter dust. Elimination of contaminants and pressure drop are two aspects where you might see differences, for example.

We think that there are a few elements that combine to make the difference, whether you’re looking at Donaldson torit cartridge filters, or our filters at Imperial Systems:

  • Filter life of air filter bags
  • How the filter bags are sealed
  • Loading technology
  • Type of media

The Imperial Systems difference is this:

  • We can double the average life of air filter bags because of our MERV 15 filtration efficiency
  • We have heat-sealed seam filter bags, bringing a higher level of protection
  • We boast advanced loading technology, better for your operational processes
  • We bring you pleated media, of a level of .3 and .5 micron

What’s the nanofiber technology advantage?

Imperial Systems delivers dust collection filters with:

  • Increased surface loading
  • Guaranteed capture of submicron contaminants
  • Better cleaning efficiency
  • Lower cost for lower energy use
  • Lower cost measured in terms of per cubic foot of air each minute

How it Works

We’ve used our technology to provide cartridge filters that will last more than twice as long as even Donaldson Torit cartridge filters. With the average cartridge filter, the pressure drop starts high and increases rapidly, which will usually indicate a shorter filter life. Our surface loading technology, however, provides a lower operating pressure drop for longer periods, thus resulting in longer filter life and lower energy use. If you’d like to experience the Imperial Systems difference, please call us at 724.662.2801 for a free consultation.

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