CMAXX helps out a nearby Automotive and Construction Plant.

Jun 4, 2015

Product: CMAXX (CM-016) Application: Cement

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Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collection System helps out a nearby Automotive and Construction Chemical Plant.

The subject of this case study is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial, automotive, and construction specialty chemicals. The company focuses its products into markets such as: concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, and industrial manufacturing. They distributes their chemicals to businesses such as Home Depot as well as contractors, auto manufacturers, and other industrial companies.

After experiencing industrial hygiene and reliability issues with the prior dust collection system, this company sought to find an industrial dust collection manufacturer the company could build trust with.

The goal was to find a responsive company that packages both great customer service as well as having a dust collector with reliability traits and easy to maintain service. Imperial Systems CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector fit the bill.

Beginning their search with local distributors, they reached out to a few companies that ultimately did not have neither the knowledge nor the dust collector the company wanted to put their long term trust into. After reaching out to a mutual distributor that both Imperial Systems and them have a relationship with, the group was were blown away by Imperial System’s CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector.

Ultimately what sold the job was not only the design and style of the CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector, but the responsiveness and personal interactions that they valued so much.

Results & Benefits:
According to the plant engineer, the CMAXX is running flawlessly and has improved efficiency and air quality around the shop.
When asked “What the benefits they experienced from working with us is?” the response was simply, “Improved operations and an ongoing partner. The CMAXX is easy to use, reliable, and has saved us energy costs while enhancing our clean-air recovery”.