8 Improvements DeltaMAXX Pleated Bags Can Bring to Your Business

Dec 11, 2015

Imperial Systems is your go-to resource for safe, effective industrial dust collector systems, filters, and ductwork.

One of the most beneficial innovations to emerge in dust collector technology over recent decades are pleated bag filters.  Many dust collector operators endorse these due to their superiority over traditional bag and cage devices. In some cases, it is even feasible to retrofit an older dust collector to incorporate pleated filters.  Whether you are adapting an old dust collector or investing in a new one, Imperial Systems has developed DeltaMAXX pleated bags to be the most competitive and efficient filters for your industrial facility dust collection system.

DeltaMAXX pleated bagsDeltaMAXX pleated bags improve the safety and bottom line expenses of industrial facilities by delivering longer filter life, higher efficiency, and reduced energy consumption and costs.  Compared to standard felt media, our spun-bonded polyester media with surface-loading features and a lower air-to-cloth ratio work together to boost efficiency, reduce emissions, and lengthen filter service life.  Because they provide twice the filtration area of conventional fabric bag filters, DeltaMAXX pleated bags also increase the capacity and efficiency of your baghouse-style dust collector.  All together, your business will enjoy improved employee safety, increased productivity, and considerable operating costs savings.

DeltaMAXX pleated bags feature:

  • 2X the filtration area for increased capacity; pleated media allows for greater air flow and more thorough product pick-up.
  • Surface-loading performance; this repels particulates off the surface layer while the media remains clean, whereas standard polyester felt filter bags allow dust to embed deeply within them.
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Easy pulse cleaning for lower compressed-air costs
  • Shorter filters to reduce abrasion from inlet
  • Compact size to speed up removal and installation by one person
  • Top and bottom load options
  • Molded urethane top construction

If you are ready to see the difference DeltaMAXX pleated bags can make for your facility and machinery, contact Imperial Systems today. Our customer service representatives pride themselves in providing the most accurate and up-to-date information, optimal dust control solutions, and outstanding service for our clients.  If you are unsure which options will work best with your current air purification system, give the experts at Imperial Systems a call at (800) 918-3013.