7 Safety Features of a Top Dust Collector System

Oct 15, 2015

7 important safety improvements your dust collection system can make in your facility

The number one purpose of installing a dust collector in a metalworking or other industrial facility is to create and maintain a safe working environment.  Protecting the health and safety of your employees in turn results in improved performance, productivity, and compliance with safety standards and regulations.  To ensure that your investment is a top dust collector system, Imperial Systems recommends you look for the following important safety features:

Fire Prevention

Without the proper technological tools in place, dangerous amounts of particulates can accumulate in a dust collector, dramatically increasing likelihood of fires.  Invest in a system that includes flame-retardant filter media, spark arrestors, perforated screens, and sprinklers to boost fire prevention in your facility. In addition, cartridges that mount vertically help reduce fire and explosion risks due to their absence of dust build-up on top of the filters.

High Pressure Rating

top dust collector systemMany industrial applications now require dust collectors to have explosion venting (or suppression) systems. A top dust collector system with a higher pressure rating will stand up better in the event of a combustible dust explosion. It may also enable you to save money by investing in a simpler and less costly explosion protection system for NFPA standard compliance.

Long-life Filters

Besides the obvious economical advantage, long-life filters also provide significant contributions to industrial facility safety.  Reducing the frequency of cartridge replacements means minimized exposure to dust for workers, optimized maintenance and disposal costs, and reduced landfill impact.

Filter Replacement Safety

When filters do have to be changed, the safest systems do not require workers ever to enter the actual dust collector to perform the process.  Instead, the filters are positioned for convenient access with easy-slide housing.  Avoid systems that involve pulling out dirty overhead cartridges, as they can result in injuries to the neck, back and foot.  

Timer Board

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) tend to be popular for controlling the pulse-cleaning process for filters, however, the PLC valve opens too slowly to ensure consistent and safe cleaning.  A timer board designed specifically for filter pulsing is the much safer and more reliable method for maintaining a top dust collector system. The timer board can be linked into your PLC or utilized independently.

Safety Monitoring Filter

A safety monitoring filter is a secondary bank of high efficiency air filters installed downstream of the collector’s clean air discharge.  These prevent collected dust from re-entering the workspace in the event of a leak in the dust collector’s primary filtering system, thereby providing double protection for your facility’s air quality.

Additional Safety Accessories & Details

There are a number of accessories available to complement any top dust collector system and further enhance your workplace safety:

  • Quality and/or custom ductwork equipped with dampers and valves help minimize the risk of explosion.
  • OSHA-compliant safety platforms with railings and caged ladders can prevent slips and falls during access to the collector for service.
  • Lock-out/tag-out doors prevent injury and exposure to hazardous dust during a pulsing cycle.
  • A bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) containment system may be required to isolate workers from toxic dust in used filters during change-out.

You dust collection system only deserves the top dust collection system. For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.