5 Ways You Benefit From Working With A Professional Dust Control Company

Jul 15, 2015

Imperial Systems shares 5 surprising ways metalworking businesses benefit from working with a professional dust control company.

At the start of each work day, your metalworking team probably dons the same protective gear.  You know that safety needs to be a number one priority in the presence of welding and other metalworking processes. However, make sure you aren’t missing the forest for the trees!

professional dust control companyThe atmosphere in which you work requires just as much attention to safety as any individual piece of equipment. This is why having a professional dust control company on your side is one of the most important steps a business like yours can take.  Just check out the following benefits you can expect to enjoy when you work with a dust collection company like Imperial Systems.

    1. 1. Reduced Combustion Risk
      One of the most important reasons to work with a professional dust control company is to reduce your risk of combustion in the shop.  Through many manufacturing processes, huge amounts of dust are produced.  Although these carry the risk of combustion on their own, the danger is increased by flying sparks produced by many metalworking processes. Controlling that dust is an important preventive measure.


    1. 2. Reduced Inhalation of Dust & Toxins
      Even apart from a combustion incident, the dust and toxins produced in your shop may still be doing damage.  Frequent inhalation of the dust and toxins in a shop without a dust collection system can lead to major health problems for your employees.


    1. 3. Meet OSHA and NFPA Standards
      Government agencies have recognized the dangers mentioned above and so they have created a number of regulations for the protection of metalworkers.  Working with a reliable dust collection company to establish the right preventive measures can help you meet these regulations and avoid costly fines.


    1. 4. Save Money On Running Costs
      If you have a dust collection system that has not been updated in years, you may find that simply running it costs an unreasonable amount of money.  When you work with a professional dust control company, you can update your system and create one that will run efficiently in your space, saving you money in the long run.


  1. 5. Save Time On Maintenance
    Finally, dust collection systems, just like your other equipment, does require maintenance from time to time.  When your business has established a relationship with a professional dust control company, you can order parts and schedule maintenance quickly from experienced representatives who are familiar with the products you use.

A Professional Dust Control Company You Can Trust

If you don’t currently know a dust control you can trust, turn to Imperial Systems today.  We are dedicated to quality, value, and safety, and look forward to working with your business.  Contact us by calling 800.918.3013.