3 Things to Expect from an Industrial Dust Collector Company

Jun 5, 2014

When you choose an industrial dust collector company, your top three concerns are the health of your employees, the cost efficiency of your dust collection equipment, and your ability to comply with workplace standards and environmental regulations. You need to meet a minimum standard to keep your business up and running, but success comes from more than just getting by on the bare minimum requirements. Quite often, more expensive costs up front can save you bigger losses in the long run, so it is important to understand how your industrial dust collector company can help you make the best long term investment.

Good customer service includes:industrial dust collector company

  • Punctuality
  • Consumer education
  • Simplified ordering processes
  • Customized service

When all of these aspects are provided simultaneously, that’s when you know you are getting truly great service from your industrial dust collection company. Imperial Systems believes that building a relationship with each of our clients is about much more than business transactions; in fact, we believe we are partners in contributing to safer workplaces, a clean environment, and a healthy economy.

If you are considering an upgrade to your dust collection system, or if you want to order your replacement air filters, it may be time for you to ask if you are getting the best possible service from your current industrial dust collector service.

What You Should Look For in Your Industrial Dust Collector Company

As you evaluate your existing dust collection system and the service that your current company provides, remember the following three criteria for determining the quality and cost efficiency of the service you receive:

  1. Superior equipment, which includes the best available filter technology in addition to the most advanced dust collection machinery. Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collector and Laser Fume Extraction Systems are the best in class, use less energy, take up less space, and prolong the life of your filters. Our DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Filters are also the best in the industry, offering up to twice the life expectancy of other filters.
  2. Compatibility with other systems is an important consideration if your company is not quite ready to upgrade your machinery, but you want a more advanced filtration system, or if you need stronger filters in order to meet OSHA and DEP requirements. We offer NanoFiber filters that fit your system, and we can work with you to make this a cost efficient investment.
  3. Thorough and thoughtful service, including regular contact from your company to check on system performance, reminders about when you need replacement filters, and helpful advice for saving costs and maximizing system efficiency.

Contact Imperial Systems today to find out more about how we can help you achieve a cleaner and safer workplace, while saving money and avoiding hassles in the long run. You deserve more from your industrial dust collector company, so discover the difference that Imperial Systems can bring to your business.