3 Reasons Metalworkers Love This Professional Air Filters Company

Feb 18, 2015

Imperial Systems is the professional air filters company metalworkers love; discover what makes them stand out!

In the metalworking business, you don’t have a choice about using industrial dust collection systems, including their air filters.  After all, there are OSHA and NFPA standards which must be met, as well as in-house health and safety regulations.  However, you do get a choice in which professional air filters company you work with.  Should you opt to work with the best?  If you are ready for an upgrade, discover why Imperial Systems stands out as the professional air filters company that metalworkers all over North America prefer.

  1. The Longest Lasting Filters On the Market

professional air filters companyYou don’t get to be the preferred air filters company without having industrial dust collection filters that stand out for their superior quality.  Our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are among the highest performing filters on the market.  With advanced nanofiber technology, they offer up to twice the filter life of the industry standards, as well as a MERV 15 filtration efficiency, the best on the market.

In addition to their high performance, these filters are also easy to clean and even help to reduce the overall dust collection operational costs.  Best of all, they are manufactured to fit all makes and models of cartridge dust collector systems, so you can upgrade your filters without changing your whole system.

  1. Unbeatable Customer Service

Although some larger professional air filters companies may provide efficient filters as well, they can’t beat the outstanding customer service of Imperial Systems.  As a smaller company, we are able to provide personalized service, creating custom solutions to the dust and fume challenges of your particular shop.  And yet, we are still able to ship most products within 24 hours of ordering, so you don’t have to worry about putting production on hold while you wait for your new filters.  We are committed to being the best in all aspects of dust collection, and this includes our customer service.

  1. More Than a Professional Air Filters Company

Of course, at Imperial Systems, we are also more than a professional air filters company.  We manufacture a whole line of high quality products to help keep your employees and metalworking business safe.  From high performing dust collection systems to customized sheet metal ductwork, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your shop.  Each piece we manufacture comes with the Imperial Systems promise of quality, safety, and value.

For more information about our full line of products, or to receive a quote, contact us today at 800-918-3013.