3 Questions to Ask Your Industrial Cartridge Filters Firm

Jun 19, 2015

Imperial Systems reveals the three important questions to ask your industrial cartridge filters firm to get the best possible value.

Are you getting the most from your industrial cartridge filters firm? Can your filters provide the efficient and reliable services you need?  What are you missing out on?

industrial cartridge filters firmAt Imperial Systems, we encourage all industrial manufacturing companies, both large and small, to look critically at their industrial cartridge filters firm as well as the products and services they receive.  When you start asking the right questions, you are on your way to better performances and savings as you go.  We recommend you begin with these three key questions:

  1. Are You Using The Latest Filter Technology?
    Traditionally, many cartridge filters have been made out of cellulose, spunbond, or meltblown commodity filtration media. However, recent developments in technology have vastly improved industrial dust collector filters’ efficiency.  Although first attempted in 1934 and 1944, Nanofibers were first successfully incorporated in air filtration technology in 1981, and have continued to develop from there.
    Now, with Nanofiber Technology, cartridge filters can be made to provide 99.9% efficiency at .3 to .5 micron. These filters can provide a MERV 15 filtration efficiency!  Be sure to ask you provider what materials they are using, and look for the Nanofiber difference.
  1. How Long Will These Filters Last?
    Let’s face it, replacing the filters in your dust collector units is a huge hassle.  Not only do you have to go through the replacement process, but you also have to halt important production processes while you do it.  Over the years, these frequent changes become an expensive problem.
    But, did you know that some filters are manufactured to have up to twice the filter life of the industry standard?  If your provider can’t offer this sort of longevity, it may be time to find a company that can.
  1. Will Your Filters Fit Any System?
    Technology changes every day, and in your industry, it can be expensive to keep up.  If you are happy with your current filter systems, you should be able to get our filters to fit all makes and models of industrial dust collection filters.  As your systems and needs change, your filters should be able to keep up.  If not, it may be time to look for a more reliable option.

The Industrial Cartridge Filters Firm You Can Trust

Not getting satisfactory answers from your industrial cartridge filters firm?  It may be time to move on.  When you do, be sure to consider Imperial Systems.  Our DeltaMAXX filters use the latest Nanofiber Technology to provide up to twice the industry standard lifespan and are made to fit all makes and models of dust collector systems.

For more information about our products and services, contact us today at 800.918.3013.

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