Looking for an Alternative to Competing Cartridge Filters?

Looking for an Alternative to Competing Cartridge Filters?

Many people are interested in competing cartridge filters because of the well-known brand name attached to them. Honestly, Camfil Farr is a proven company that offers quality products, but what if you could find dust collector cartridge filters that hold there own against competing cartridge filters or even surpass Camfil Farr replacement filters in regard to quality and efficiency? Wouldn’t that be something you’d be interested in?camfil farr cartridge filters

Here at Imperial Systems, we are making a name for ourselves and our brand because we have matched and surpassed big name brands within the industry such as Donaldson Torit. When it comes to dust collection equipment, we believe we are as good as it gets. And we’re not just convincing ourselves of this. Our customer reviews and proven quality and efficiency ratings have confirmed our position at the top of the list among our competition.

To prove that we’re not all talk, let’s take a look at an example of our reliability and commitment to quality when it comes to our replacements cartridge filters.

Imperial’s Filters Surpass Competing Cartridge Filters

Case studies and customer reviews are a great way to prove the value of our products. The quality of our cartridge filters was tested and proven by our work with the largest fabricator of lead based products in the country.

The company was unhappy with their current cartridge filters. They said their filters were continuously overheating and even breaking apart and melting. The overall poor quality of their current filters prompted them to look into investing in new filters.

After contacting Imperial Systems and deciding on our DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge filters, the company was very pleased with the product they received. So pleased that they have been a returning customer for the past three years.

The customer was very happy with the cartridges themselves, emphasizing the durability and the total costs associated with the product. They were also very pleased with our service, noting that Imperial Systems always gives a fast response and never advertises anything we cannot offer.

This is just one example of our customers that are consistently pleased with the quality of our cartridge filters, which have proven to be more efficient and have a longer life than competing cartridge filters as well as filters offered by many other companies in the industry. When you are in need of quality industrial dust collection systems and products, Imperial Systems has what you want and need.


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The Cornerstone of Industrial Fume Control

The Cornerstone of Industrial Fume Control

Discover why an industrial fume control system from Imperial Systems is a must-have for metalworkers like you!

There are few manufacturing fields that come without their own dangers, but metalworking may carry a few more than others.  High volumes of welding can result in a number of health and safety risks, from welding fume fever to the dangers of combustion.  However, with proper safety precautions and industrial fume control systems, you can avoid these dangers and run a safe and healthy workplace.  At Imperial Systems, we understand the vital necessity of effective industrial dust and fume collection.

Combating the Dangers of Metalworking Fumes

Industrial Fume ControlYou are probably already taking some important precautions when it comes to the fumes created by metalworking processes like welding.  Respirator masks are a must in anyone doing welding work, as they prevent the welder from inhaling the fumes immediately emitted by their work.  Depending on the type of welding being done, different levels of quality are required of the masks.  Check your shop to make sure that you have sufficient respirator masks for each type of welding you use.

Add Industrial Fume Control Systems

Although respirator masks provide immediate protection from the fumes created by welding and other metalworking processes, they do not stop fumes from spreading throughout the workspace.  Additional industrial fume control is needed.  And industrial fume collection system can filter the air, extracting fumes that pose health and safety hazards before returning safe and clean air to the shop.  Although there are a number of options out there for such systems, it is important to look for one that is both efficient and also provides the protection called for in OSHA and other safety standards.

CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector

The CMAXX dust and fume collection system has both the efficiency and protection you need to keep your shop safe from fumes as well as dust created in other processes. Not only do they meet all of the EPA and OSHA standards for such systems, but they also offer the highest efficiency and longest filter life in the industry.  This system can be fitted to your unique space and specifications and then provides the protection you need to keep your employees, equipment, and workspace safe.

Imperial Systems

In addition to top-of-the-line dust and fume collection systems, Imperial Systems can also supply your business with the other necessary implements to keep your shop dust and fume free.  From custom sheet metal ductwork to the longest lasting cartridge filters on the market, we pride ourselves in creating products with the quality, safety, and value you deserve.

For more information about our products and services, contact us today.

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Industrial Dust Control: A Must for Metalworking

Industrial Dust Control: A Must for Metalworking

Whether you are a new manufacturing business or just branching out into new territory, if you are going to get into the metalworking field, your industrial dust control plan demands some serious consideration. Not only do you have the safety of your workspace to think about, but unchecked dust and fumes can also pose health hazards to those working in it. At Imperial Systems, we’ve spent over a decade considering the challenges of industrial dust accumulation and control, and we have developed the solutions you need.  Discover the facts you need about dust control for your business to keep things running safely and smoothly.

Meet Safety Standards

industrial dust controlAn accumulation of dust in any industrial setting poses a threat to the health and safety of those working there.  This is especially true in the world of metalworking where the fine dust particles may be especially toxic.  In light of this threat, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established standards of safety that must be followed in any such industrial settings.  These address not only dust that may be inhaled but also the threat of combustibility through its accumulation.  When you look for an industrial dust control system, begin by ensuring that it meets these and other industry standards.

Anticipate Dust And Fumes

As you consider a system to provide dust control for your workspace, make sure you take fumes into account as well.  In many metalworking processes, noxious fumes are created which are more than unpleasant; they can be increasingly harmful when inhaled.  Although not all industrial dust control systems were created to handle this dual threat, some, including some from Imperial Systems, can manage both of the dust and fume generated by metalwork manufacturing.

Your Industrial Dust Control Headquarters

Whether you need dust and fume filtration or just a dust collection system, Imperial Systems is your industrial dust control headquarters. For over a decade, we have been manufacturing the most efficient, longest-lasting systems and filters in the industry.  Through these products, we have become well known for our dedication to quality, value, and safety.  Our outstanding line of equipment includes:

  • CMAXX Dust Collector System
  • DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters
  • CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System
  • Custom Ductwork & Fittings
  • Heavy Duty Abort Gates
  • SCF Dust Collectors
  • and more!

Most of our products are available to ship within 24 hours.  For more information about our products and how we can support your metalworking business, contact us today.

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Industrial Applications for Baghouse Dust Collectors

Industrial Applications for Baghouse Dust Collectors

Here at Imperial systems, we are perhaps most known for our CMAXX Dust Collection System because it is fitting for so many different industrial applications and is the most efficient system in the industry. You might be pleasantly surprised to know, however, that we also offer a variety of different types of dust collectors including baghouse dust collectors.

Our BRF Baghouse dust collectors are actually quite popular as well. In fact, we recommend baghouse dust collection systems for about half of the most common applications within the industrial workplaces to which we sell dust collection equipment. We have dust collection systems for quite a wide range of applications from metal cutting to grain processing. Quite a few of those applications necessitate the baghouse style dust collectors.baghouse dust collectors

6 Applications That Use Baghouse Dust Collectors:

  1. Grain Dust Collection: We sell baghouse collectors to a variety of industrial workplaces that fit under the grain category including grain elevators, seed production plants, flour mills, bean and seed processing plants, and plants for animal feed and ethanol.
  1. Fiberglass Dust Collection: We recommend either the CMAXX or our BRF Baghouse for this application which includes boat manufacturing, insulating, and automotive manufacturing among other things.
  1. Food Processing: The food processing application also has a number of subcategories including the processing of grain, flour, cereal, sugar, dairy, cocoa, and spices among many other food items. Depending on the type of food processing, we might recommend our CMAXX collector or baghouse dust collectors.
  1. Mining Dust Control: In order to meet the standards of both environmental authorities and occupational health and safety authorities, you will need a baghouse dust collector for your mining processes.
  1. Woodworking Dust Collection: A variety of processes fit under the umbrella of woodworking. Whether you are building cabinets and furniture or milling and manufacturing engineered wood, a baghouse is needed for your protection and safety.
  1. Battery Manufacturing: If you work in a battery manufacturing plant, you are at risk of being exposed to a high level of lead concentration. Stay safe with a baghouse dust collector.

Imperial Systems’ BRF Baghouse Dust Collector can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be relied on for all of them. With hardy seven and ten gauge construction with accurate, sturdy welds, this system is made for dependable functioning. On top of its reliability, we have designed it to be convenient for you. Easy access to maintenance features and an ability to be adaptable to any workspace makes our baghouse as simple as it is effective.

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Tips for Welding Fume Control and Protection

Tips for Welding Fume Control and Protection

As you probably know, metalworking can be a very challenging and very dangerous job. Exposure to fumes and gas that are produced from welding processes can cause significant health issues. Thus you will want to do all that you can to make sure you will not be exposed to those fumes and gases.

Of course, the type of metalworking as well as the conditions of your workplace and the tools that are used can certainly affect the danger of the job. However, there is always a need to protect yourself from welding fumes.

We’ve put together a quick list of things that are commonly used for welding fume control and protection. If you are welding without these pieces of equipment, it would certainly be in your best interested to get them. Some simple investments are surely worth your health and safety.

Equipment Needed for Welding Fume Control and Protectionwelding fume control

Respirator Masks: Respirators can protect you from inhaling the fumes that are immediately emitted from your welding work. Disposable masks are sufficient for simple welding, but if you are arc welding, you will want to look into more advanced respirators. Like anything else, there are a variety of quality levels when it comes to respirator masks. Finding the needed level of quality for your mask is an essential part of welding fume control.

Welding Helmets: A welding helmet is another obvious piece of equipment that is necessary for welders. Helmets protect your eyes, face, and neck from sparks and burns. Different varieties of helmets are also available. Auto-darkening masks make the welding process easier than standard glass lens helmets do.

Dust and Fume Collector: A dependable dust and fume collection system is the most important piece of equipment needed for welding fume control and safety. Without one, welding fumes and gases will just reside in the atmosphere of your workplace, causing harm to anyone inside of it.

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX Dust Collector System is perfect for your welding fume regulation needs. Our dust collector system that meets all EPA and OSHA Standards provides you with the best cleaning efficiency and longest filter life in the industry. Paired with our DeltaMAXX Cartridge filters, you can be sure that you have a set up that will protect you from the harmful effects of welding fumes. The CMAXX is also a modular collection system, which means that you can have it fit to your needs and your space.

For all of your welding fume collection needs, contact Imperial Systems.

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